Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO To Boost Your Traffic On Blog

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Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Keyword research tools for SEO is an essential need in the blogging world. Without any keyword research tool, it’s quite if impossible to survive in cut throat competition.

As you know there are plenty of keyword research tools in the market today and the ones which we want to buy are paid or have a free trial only for 7 days or a month, right?

I personally went through a lot of tools just to find out which tool will best suitable where I can find the required statistics to generate an excellent keyword and its present trend.

Free trials version will only offer you minimum searches per day, 5-10 keyword visibility per search, or data that is not required to make the necessary prediction.

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Essentials To Look For While Doing Keyword Research

According to me, there are three things which you should see before writing the article and after searching for the keyword:-

1. Keyword Difficulty – The keywords on which you will going to write the article should have KD less than 20 or between 0-20. Lower the difficulty better will be the results

2. Competition – Competition also matters a lot when there are 4 million articles publishes every day on the internet. Lots of new writers are coming into the market and you must take care of the keyword competition on which you are going to write about the article. The lower the competition better will be the results.

3. Volume – Volume on the Search engines should be above 1k or more. It tells you that the specific keyword is searched by a large no. of people on the web. so the higher the volume better will be the results.

Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO:-

Google Ads Keyword Planner – This is one of the best free research tools on the web right now. You don’t have any restrictions on finding the no. of keywords or competition level. Search data is also filtered by google itself so you can completely trust this tool.

Answer The Public –  Answer the public is a tool where you can have ideas related to a specific keyword like how, when, where, what, etc. It’s free and you can use it anywhere anytime.

Soovle – Soovle is like the suggestion master. You can see user’s searches and their preferences, from that you can have an idea like in what tone or in what context I should write my article so that I can get maximum traffic.

Rank Tracker –  Rank tracker tells you the ranking of your website keywords and backlinks used. I personally use it and no subscription required. The free version has it all.

SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool –  Here comes another gem in the keyword research tools list. SEOBook tool predicts the accurate data according to your keyword research and shows you the basic statistics which you need to know for generating the traffic.

Wordstream – Wordstream is a very underrated tool that is not well known by the users. Wordstream tool will give you the list of trending keywords according to your niche, after having some idea of the keyword you can search the statistics about that keyword in wordstream.

The above tools have no trial versions or any keyword search restrictions. You can edit your search results according to your location and preferences, So I hope it will prove lucky for you, and may you get the maximum traffic on your website.


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