6 Major Health Benefits Of Trekking Post COVID-19

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Benefits Of Trekking

Health Benefits Of Trekking

Most travelers out there find their treasure and satisfaction in form of trekking or hiking. As you know there are numerous physical and mental benefits of trekking but before making a plan, you don’t think of what and how, you just pack your bag and leave.

You just want to step out and wander freely to forget all the worries and stress of everyday life.

I got an opportunity today to put a major spotlight on the health benefits of trekking so that the one who is reading this can recall the essentials of living a blissful life. No matter if you are working or a student, trekking must be a part of your living. You shouldn’t think about it as a leisure trip or some kind of picnic.

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So let’s begin with some of the major health benefits of trekking which will force you to pack your bags once again.

1) Boosting Immune System

This is one of the major health benefits of trekking which most people are unaware of. They think that trekking is some kind of Himalayan romance trip. COVID-19 phase has awakened people to look and work for the betterment of their immune system.

Before this, no one cares about boosting up their immune system. Now we see everyone engaging in cycling, running, swimming, and all these kind of activities. So if you are fed up with working all day and night then consider trekking to boost up your immune system which will help you in the work efficiency.

2) Improvement In Breathing Skills

Normally in our daily lives, we don’t focus on the essential part of our body which is breathing. It’s just going on and we are not conscious about it, Right. A good hike or a trek will make you breathe faster and heavier as the fresh air constantly goes in and out.

It’s a continuous process that makes you realize what really life is. You get to know yourself better when you start being conscious and think with a positive mindset about your life.

Breathing activities are too important in life whether you are on a trek or at home. It’s a continuous process of being conscious and stay active in whatever you do. So trek after 3-4 months is mandatory for every person.

3) Rejuvenate Yourself By Feeling Alive

This may be kind of some catchy lines to you but if you read it with depth then every line has a very deep meaning. Living in a society can be stressful as well as happy. But being alive and totally yourself is not what society offers you. When you are at work or with friends then you are different but when you’re somewhere far where no one knows you then suddenly you become you.

Instead of showing everyone on social media how alive and happy you are, better start feeling without telling it to anyone and then see the difference. This comes only when you step out and challenge yourself to do something new every time.

4) Weight loss and Better Fitness

This is the most preferable aspect people choose to do a trek. Some take easy challenges and some take difficult ones, depends on how much they are ready for. Always choose the moderate level trek which is between 12000-15000 ft. and 20-30kms of trek distance (up-down). Before you leave for the trek, avoid eating fast food, and take some time for running and stamina building activities.

Every day you need to hike for 6-8 hrs straight which results in total fat burn and maintaining the fitness level at its best. So better consider this thing in mind also.

5) Goodbye To Mood Swings

You may have heard of mood swings or it happens with you also like the rest of the people. While Trekking you are only in one mood – Being in the present! No future livings, no past sufferings but to live and experience the moment you are in which is the most loved and beautiful part of trekking in the Himalayas. Your mental health becomes active and your mind is in your control.

The motive of trekking should be to completely experience the moment and live at its best. No future worries just surrender yourself in the lap of nature and start feeling alive which is the most difficult thing for humans nowadays.

6) Better Focus And High Productivity

Last but not the least Trekking makes your focus better towards the things which result in giving high productivity. In short, you become completely conscious of what to do and how to do it. It has been said that if you take some time for yourself and indulge in nature then you end up being extra smart and attentive from others.

Being in nature gives you a better idea and thinking about your life and you find a solution to every problem. Your focus is still and active. So better stay focused, stay alive, and enjoy whatever you do whether its off work or on work.


So I think I have covered up the main aspects of why trekking is necessary and how you can be benefited from it. Start thinking wisely. Adventure travel is not about wasting money but investing in yourself and to live a better tomorrow. Health comes first before everything. There will be no use of any money if your mental health is unwell.

Better keep preparing yourself for unlimited adventures and hoping to see you soon on the other side of the road, Till then Happy Travelling 🙂

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