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Top 10 Movies About Genius Minds To Inspire Youth

Movies About Genius Minds


I believe there are numerous movies on geniuses at present but some movies are stand out of the queue and made their separate identity which lasts generations. Many genius movies are based on the real-life stories of the individuals which set an example to inspire the youth.

Everyone has a different motive for watching a movie. Some watch movies for entertainment well others watch for learning. Movies about geniuses teach you as a live example of what it may feel if you are at his place and you can completely relate your situation too.

There are plenty of movies on genius people the world has ever produced. So, in this article, I’ll be discussing the top 10 movies about a genius mind to inspire you to the core. Other than just looking at the titles and close the screen, take some time on weekends to watch the movies and take the best summary out of it for your benefit.

So without any further ado, Let’s dive-in

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List Of Top Movies On Genius Minds

1) The Man Who Knew Infinity

This movie is one of the best mathematician movie ever made in film history. The story is based on the famous mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan’s life who went to Cambridge to become a theoretical mathematician and pursue his dreams. 

This movie reflects how he overcomes racism issues and health problems despite studying outside his country and fighting for his dreams. A must watch for students who are studying abroad.

2) 3 Idiots

This is one of the most inspiring movies for students ever made in Bollywood. This movie focuses on being brilliant in understanding the concepts and practical things rather than cramming the concepts.

Passion for love & friendship and desire to do something real in life puts this movie in the best movies for students. This movie got several awards and considered as the top run to date with the highest number of awards and earnings.

3) Bad Genius


Thai thriller movie is based on a story of two genius minds students who organize a heist for helping their friend in exchange for money. The way they execute the plan is just beyond the imagination and that is why it’s my personal favorite movie. 

This movie is based on a real-life incident that happened in Thailand some years ago. So the director excellently executed it on screen. Another masterpiece for suspense lovers.

4) A Beautiful Mind

A beautiful mind is a biographical drama based on the real-life instances of noble Prize fame John Nash. As a child, he was a mathematical genius and gained achievements since then as a child prodigy. This is considered one of the smartest and most intellectual movies of Hollywood. 

You will witness how being mentally diable, he got hired as a professor at MIT and married to his lady love which is itself an achievement.

5) The Social Network

This biographical masterpiece reflects the life story of Mark Zuckerberg and his achievement of dreams. It shows how he lost his friendships while pursuing his dreams. His strong will and desire to get to success is completely shown in the movie itself.

This inspirational biographical movie has some interesting life lessons for students which shouldn’t be missed.

6) X + Y

This movie is inspired by Danil Lightwing, a story based on a math prodigy teenager. He struggles to build relationships with others and then one day on a maths olympiad he met a girl and develops a strong bond which he always had wanted. 

The suspense comes when he has to choose between his career and love. Such an engaging story with a twist and listed among one of the best intelligent movies of Hollywood.

7) Limitless

Limitless revolves around the story of a writer who is trying to expand his full potential for writing his articles. One day he chooses to try one magic pill which boosts his thinking ability and makes the full use of his mind. After one tablet, he didn’t get satisfied and ask for some more pills from his brother-in-law which later stuck him to an unexpected situation.

This American science fiction undoubtedly ruled over everyone’s heart at the time of its release and again the best movies on geniuses.

8) Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is also based on a mathematician genius who is doing odd jobs to earn his living. Earlier in his life, he became homeless when his family died. Later on, he gets a sweeping job in a nearby college, then his fate shines when he solved a mathematical equation that is a nearly impossible task for the students and the teachers.

After that one Psychiatrist and Professor chooses to expand his skills and brighten his career by helping him towards success. This movie won Oscars 3 times and labeled as the best inspirational Hollywood movie for students.

9) Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is an American-British mystery-based film released in 2009. On today’s date, it is one of the best action-thriller movies in Hollywood. 

Sherlock Holmes is a mysterious detective who solves murder cases by collaborating with one of his doctor friends named John Watson. The type of cases they witness and solve is itself a thriller ride for the audience.

10) The Imitation Game

This masterpiece portrays the life of a famous mathematician and one of the genius minds Alan Turing. He was successful in detecting the Enigma code of the germans and created history since then.

More than his achievement, his gay life in the 50s is also shown in the movie. He faced complexities more than his achievements in his life and yet became one of the admirable geniuses of all time.


Well, I guess now you can get some idea about the top movies about the genius mind. In this article, I put focus more on mathematically based movies rather than any other genre like chess prodigy, a sports prodigy, etc.

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