Top 7 Real Estate Money Making Affiliate Programs

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Real estate affiliate programs

Have you ever heard of a real estate affiliate programs before? If not then in this article I’ll highlight some top real estate affiliates programs which are worth working for.

According to recent stats, Affiliate marketing is the most chosen money-making source by digital marketers in 2020. You may have heard of many affiliate programs before but real estate is worth targeting because not many people go after this.

If you are a bit of an experienced one then it may be your cup of tea to raise funds through digital media. You can earn commissions up to 15-20% on every sale. Ya, if you actively write real estate blogs and have decent traffic on it then it will be butter on bread.

So without wasting any further time, let’s jump into The Top 7 Real Estate Affiliate Programs In 2020.

1) Buildium

If you are interested in promoting property management type of things, then Buildium is definitely for you to do affiliate marketing. This company featured in the Inc 5000 list of ‘America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies’. 

How to start with this affiliate program?

You have to signup through ShareASale or Commission junction platform. After your account is approved then you can start selling their software through PPC campaigns or by writing real estate articles on your blog.
  • You will be getting paid if the user signs up by using your link.
  • 25% of affiliate commission can be earned by using links on your website.
  • Anyone can signup for free, No credit card information required.

2) Real Estate Affiliates

This affiliate program is for all the potential marketers out there. If you are looking to earn maximum commission then this is the best option out there. As the name also suggesting real estate affiliates – It will be so easy for you to get a sale through this reputed website because in the end, buyers trust only the point of sale, right?

How to start with this affiliate program?

  • You can earn up to 25% of the affiliate commission after making a sale through your link.
  • There will be 60 days cookie life which means if the user adds any product in his/her cart and makes any purchase in a time span of 60 days then also you will get the affiliate commission.
  • You will get the payment after every 15 days, quiet motivating, right?

3) Corporate Housing By Owner (CHBO)

CHBO is basically for advertising rental properties to business owners and big organizations. You can book a property also if you want to stay for a limited period of time. You have been provided the property owner’s contact details and ask as many questions related to your stay. So I think it would be an easy and flexible opportunity to go after this affiliate program.
  • You should have one publisher account with ShareASale and after approval of the account, you have been provided with a unique URL that helps you in earning an affiliate commission by sharing it on the web.
  • You can earn 15% of the commission by selling a rental property through your link.
  • Anyone can sign up for free if they want to use the services to try.

4) Zilpy Affiliate

Zilpy has been in the market since 2008 and actively giving excellent services to clients. Its affiliate program is also up and running smoothly because it mainly covers landlords, business owners, real estate investors, and many more.
  • Earn commission up to 30% which is insane
  • 30-day cookie life – If someone makes a purchase in 30-days from your link then also you will get a commission.
  • You can earn a commission in repeat sales also.
  • The customer’s average order should be $30/Month or more.

5) RP Capital

This company has all the license based real estate professionals who deal in selling properties online & offline. It’s a very reputed firm and you will get a positive word of mouth response which helps your chances more to make a sale.

  • You can earn 6% of the commission after the closing of each deal
  • Every 15-day payout by the company
  • You will get $1000 per lead which will be converted successfully by you.

6) BoldLeads

This affiliate program is so quick and easy to use because you will get $20 as a referral to promote real estate sellers leads. Isn’t this amazing!
  • You will get $20/month for each referral you send through BoldLeads
  • Earn monthly recurring commission after you send each referral you send
  • You’ll be provided various affiliate links and promo codes which will excite your audience to buy the product.
  • Regular payouts for every referral you generate with the link they provided.

7) HomeAway Affiliate Program

HomeAway is a worldwide brand that offers many luxurious rental properties to its clients. It offers villas, condos, cabins, beach houses, etc. When a brand is itself a gem then there is not much difficulty in making a sale. There may be high competition but sales conversions are also very high.
  • HomeAway provides you monthly reports, clicks data, monthly commission reports so that you can have an idea of how smooth you are going and how much pace you should be going with. 
  • You will earn 20% of the commission for every new member who book through your affiliate link.
  • Every payment is on the monthly basis and they have a Paypal facility also.
  • You can earn 3% of every referral who rents a property with HomeAway.
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