What Are The Best Places To Visit In Trier, Germany?

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Germany’s oldest city which reminds everyone of the old roman architecture. Trier has a variety of places and history to offer to its tourists. If you may not have heard of this place before but let me tell you after reading this article I am confident that it will definitely be the next destination in your bucket list.

Whenever we heard of Germany or some places in Germany a little spark comes up inside the head, right? If not then today it will show up for sure. You might be wondering why you read here about this place when a whole bundle of information is available on Wikipedia and Google, isn’t it?

You are absolutely right but the things you read there and the things you read here are way too different. Outside is just a bunch of information for everyone but here the information is only for the interested travelers. Yes, if you are reading this then you are the one!

Reading travel blogs about something, you can have the feeling of attachment and zeel to grasp the information. Many times you get lost in reading that you don’t even realize that you have completed the article of 700-800 words in just 4-5mins.

So I will pull this kind of topic in my upcoming blogs but my motive of telling you here is that you are at the right place and definitely get something with you today after reading this blog.

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So let’s dive into The Best places to visit in Trier, Germany

1) Cathedral of Trier

Cathedral of Trier

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This church is the oldest surviving sculpture in the town. Many Romans and Germans often visit here on daily basis. By seeing the amount of crowd makes you feel blessed to be here. A quiet and historic kind of environment has been built here. Inside the church, you can see Jesus on his throne which is flanked by Mary and Saint Peter.

2) Trier Imperial Baths

Trier Imperial Baths

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Built-in 4A.D and one of the remarkable structures in the history of all time. You can have the lifelong experience of marvel at the size of hot water inside the place which has a capacity of 650 people for the mesmerizing opera performance. The entry ticket for the roman baths is only 4 Euros.

Other than that you can explore the subterranean tunnels which are completely magnificent in their own way as you can see in the picture itself.

3) Amphitheater Trier

Amphitheater Trier

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From the baths, its approximately 15-20mins of the walk and you can enter in Amphitheater Trier. You have to spend another 4 Euros to experience the lovely big cages and cellars. It has been built in 2A.D and everyone has to witness the battles with gladiators and animals which makes the environment entertaining.

4) Electoral Palace

Electoral Palace

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This palace is attached to one of the famous Aula Palatina which is the symbol of Rococo art in Germany. This palace was built in the 18th century. Now Trier’s official government is shifted in this palace and there are certain restrictions to enter the palace for the tourists.

But if you really want to have the experience from inside then buying a pass is mandatory first of all. You have to register yourself for visiting some of the places inside the palace like staircases, Baroque gardens, etc.

5) Hauptmarkt


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When you will get into the town you will see a huge crown on the street and then only you will witness the Hauptmarkt. which is surrounded by baroque, classicist, and the late historicist buildings of 180AD. Hauptmarkt is a place where the weekly farmer’s market and every year a big Christmas market takes place and situated in the heart of the trier, Germany.

6) Simeonstift


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It is one of the oldest museums in the trier’s history. Simeonstift museum is adjoining the 10th-century famous college of trier. It showcases the sculptures and arts form 2AD to 9AD which is really an achievement in keeping the old history at one place with so much dedication. A must visit Place to go for once if you are in trier.

7) The Karl Marx House Museum

The Karl Marx House Museum

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If you are an intellect or a fan of communism then this place is definitely for you. Ya, this place is named after a world-famous socialist a communist who had born in this house in 1818. Now, this museum showcases the old art and readable of that poet which is itself a historic in its own way. Many writers, poets, socialist love to visit here.

8) Porta Nigra

Porta Nigra

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Porta Nigra is one of the largest Roman city gates in Trier, Germany. It’s listed in UNESCO world heritage sites with the Cathedral of St. Peter, Roman monuments, and the church of our lady in trier. Porta Nigra is the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps.

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