What’s So Special About Mt. Yunam Peak Trek In Ladakh? Let’s Discuss How and What Of Yunam Peak!

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Yunam Peak

What Is Yunam Peak Trek?

Yunam Peak is one of the rare kinds of a trek in laps of the Himalayas which is still underrated and unknown by many. Yunam Peak is situated in the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh. It is the second-best alternative of Stok Kangri trek which is known by most of the trekkers of this generation.

Have you heard of this trek before?

Maybe No! I too, but after a lot of research I found out that Yunam peak should gain some popularity as it is the place which everyone is craving. Ya, its altitude, region, trek distance, etc. is all that a real trekker wants.

I mean ya there are many other well-known treks also which are very much explored by people but there’s one saying – You should go once to a new place every year where you haven’t been before.

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Where Yunam Peak Is Situated?

Yunam peak is situated in the Lahaul district near Baralacha La Pass. It is the highest motorable road in the state where the road ends and the trekking route begins. From Baralacha La Pass, three routes diverge to Ladakh, Spiti, and Lahaul. Yunam Peak offers you an ecstatic view of the Zanskar range and the mountains of Spiti ranges. It is highly recommended for advanced and experienced trekkers because it’s situated at an altitude of 20,100 ft (6111 M) and takes 22 km to complete the summit. Here I’ll be discussing how to reach yunam peak, what are the essentials to carry for yunam peak trek, and what s the best time to go there. So stay on this page to know more in detail.

What Is The Best Time To Go For Yunam Peak Trek?

Mostly Ladakh side treks are to be covered in the month of July to September. Because the temperature is moderate and the sun appears to be on time. In the month from July-September, there are very few chances of rainfall but more chances of snowfall which depends on time to time. So according to all the recent studies and experiences, mid-July to mid-September are the best month to pack your bags for yunam pack summit.

How To Reach Yunam Peak Trek?

Yunam Peak Trek

Day 1 – Arrive in Manali and Stay There

On Day one, you should reach Manali by afternoon, relax for a bit and enjoy the night view of Manali. If you need to purchase some travel gear then Manali is the best place to shop your stuff. after Manali you will not gonna find much variety. So If you are thinking to buy any heavy stuff then Manali is the place you should consider.

Day 2 – Manali To Keylong

So today your journey will begin. Be ready to leave early as possible because you have to cover 100-120 km by evening and as you know it takes double the time to cover the same distance in mountains. Along the way, you’ll witness the beautiful Bhaga river and Chandra river so make sure to stop by there and have an amazing photoshoot with some snacks by your side. The last ATM is in Keylong so better check your wallets before heading on further. No Paytm/G-pay works there as no connectivity of the internet.

Day 3 – Keylong To Bharatpur

Standing at an altitude of 4500 M from sea level and takes 5-6 Hrs to reach Bharatpur from Keylong. Bharatpur is the last motorable road where you will be dropped or park your vehicles. It’s 90 km from Keylong. Make sure to arrange tents or campsite to have a better sleep at night otherwise you will end up finding nothing to spend your night. there are not many hotels or motels. Phone networks are also limited in certain areas.

Day 4 – Acclimatization Day in Bharatpur

This is the day to prepare yourself for tomorrow’s trek. It’s been advised that you should keep your body hydrated and drink lots of water to make yourself dry free. Get yourself for a short hike in the evening and take a rest for better charging up your body. Your body needs to be better acclimatized before gaining a certain altitude. Acclimatization day is indeed necessary to charge up your veins and blood pressure at all levels and mentally strengthen yourself so that you don’t lack motivation while climbing up. So don’t just rest all day and spend time sleeping and playing.

Day 5 – Bharatpur to Base Camp

On day five, you have to climb 5 km from Bharatpur which will take normally 4-5 hrs of time. at base camp, you’ll reach at 5200 m altitude. There are many water points and streams to stop by and to gaze at. It feels so overwhelming and a sense of achievement when you just gaze at the flowing water and all your laziness and tiredness just flourish away. While reaching the base camp you will witness some beautiful point to click your pictures and make sure to reach pre lunchtime because after lunchtime weather can be unpredictable which can be risky for you and your crew. After reaching there, just calm yourself and get yourself a comfy sleep for tomorrow’s hustle.

Day 6 – Acclimatization at Base Camp

On day six, it depends on you to just stay there for some acclimatization walk or heading further towards the summit. It’s recommended to take a break for a day before heading to the summit because you have to come back on the same day after reaching 20,100 ft. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, right? By sitting at my desk and writing about 20,000 ft makes me go crazy because I have witnessed this Altitude before and can feel the rhythm in my heart while thinking about this. So according to me, take a day off for better acclimatization and charge up your body by proper resting with a short evening hike.

Day 7 –  Base Camp to summit and back to Base Camp

Today will be the day to remember and celebrate your achievement. This feeling will not be expressed in form of words but only be seen and said through eyes. Only one’s heart can feel the tuning and the pumping of the blood in his/her veins. Trust me, all the world’s desire, materialistic approach, anxiety, anger, fear, jealousy, etc ends there and you see the real YOU. Whenever we say Be Yourself, that yourself, you will find there at the top. After reaching there and completing the summit, regain your energy by looking at the infinity possibilities and the infinite sky, and come back to your base camp before the weather turns unfavorable.

Day 8 –  Base camp to Bharatpur – Stay there or Drive back to Manali

On day eight, it’s time to descend to Bharatpur which will take 2-3 hrs. While coming down it’s usually an easy task than climbing up and takes less time. So reaching Bharatpur from base camp will be easily possible on the same day and If you aren’t running short of time then you can stay in Bharatpur otherwise head back to Manali which will take 7-8 hrs of time. You will reach Manali by 5-6 PM if you start descending at 5 AM from your base camp. On the next day, head back to your respective destinations/Hometown and be a warm and wise storyteller to your friends and relatives. Write or Record every moment from waking up to laying on the bed because memories last forever. Memories have no expiry date and have the power to convince you for another journey in no time 😉

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How to Reach For Yunam Peak

By Air:-

If you are coming from X city or state then Bhuntar airport in Himachal will be the nearest airport for Yunam peak trek. From Bhuntar airport, Manali is just 52 km away. There is easy connectivity from Delhi and Chandigarh. Some preferred airlines which you can go for are Indian Airlines, MDLR Airlines, Jagson Airlines. It saves a lot of time if you are a frequent traveler but if you are going for the first or second time then I suggest a road journey rather than by air.

By Road:-

Manali will be the initial point to reach and stop by for the trek. Manali is easy to reach from anywhere if say from major hubs like Delhi or Chandigarh. From Delhi, there’s overnight buses 11 PM or 12 AM and you will reach Manali around 6-7 AM. Always take VOLVO buses for an overnight journey so that you get comfortable seats to lay on. Other local buses will eventually take more time and make your body destructive when you will reach the destination. Your starting journey should be comfortable because if the starting will be good then the upcoming days will get automatically better. It’s more of a belief than just a saying.

How Much This Trek Costs?

If you check on Trek The Himalayas it will cost you 25,200 INR. I always go through TTH because the hospitality they offer is just commendable. Their cost and services are much trustable than all other trekking companies. 

If you wish to go on your own then you have to arrange your travel gears or rent it from some trusted authority in advance because the availability of the trekking gear is a matter of luck and time. You should have your tent, meal plan, commodities, gas stove and cylinder, personal local guide, medical kit, permission from the forest department to put your tent, etc. If you are an experienced traveler then you can try to go on your own but if you are going for the first or second time then it’s not worth at all going on our own. Hardly it will only save your 4-5k in INR. So why saving some bucks by compromising your time, energy, and efforts.

Basic Gears For This High Altitude Trek

Poncho/Raincoat – Trust me, this is the most forgettable thing I experience every time and I spend 200-300 many times to buy a poncho. I have bought at least 8-9 poncho in my travel career as of now and right now I don’t have any of them with me. Strange, right? So you should have one poncho and take care of it until it just tore apart properly by natural means.

Backpack – Recommended taking 70 ltr of a backpack with you with comfortable back and shoulder straps. It must be attached with a rain cover from behind so that at the time of rain the necessary stuff must be safe and secure. Mountain Top and Quechua Backpacks are the best ones according to me as I personally use them for my trekking tours.

Stick/Torch/Water Bottle – These essentials should be on your top priority. We generally left these things for laters and when the trek begins we start asking these things from colleagues as a favor. Remember, in the mountains, not everyone will think of you in the first place so better be ready with your things.

Down Jackets/Fleece Jackets/Thermal Inners – Take 1-1 pair of each so that in case of extreme cold you can make yourself safe by putting on these clothes. Don’t worry about your baggage, in the 60-70 ltr of backpack you can put your pairs very easily. All your winter wears should be in your backpack so better prepare in advance and buy all the necessary stuff for your trek.

Personal Utilities and Head Cover – Personal utilities are moisturizers like antibacterial cream or powder, Lip balm, sunscreen cream, etc. For headcovers like a woolen cap, neck cap, UV protection sunglasses, Neck-gaiters, etc.


So I think this is all you need to know about the Yunam Peak Trek in detail. Now, this trek may be covered with snow and sitting at peace(only God knows) and It will open its way from July 2021.

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