Come, Let’s Explore Kanamo Peak Trek in Spiti, Himachal

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Kanamo Peak

Kanamo Peak Trek

One of the most thrilling peaks in the lap of Himachal standing at 19,600 feet. Kanamo peak gives a unique experience if you are dedicated enough to summit passionately.

Kanamo peak gives you an astonishing view of Kinnaur & Spiti valley. You will be seen ranges of Lahaul, Kullu valley, and a glimpse of Ladakh ranges from the top.

Being on the trek route reminds you of nothing but you connected with you. Many times you think of trek as a sort of enjoyment or just another adventure. Trek is more than an adventure that tells you who you really are and how desperately you can go after what you desire.

Kanamo peak is a perfect alternative for Stok kangri trek. I know if you are a passionate traveler then you must be having a dream to summit stok kangri at least once in a life. If you are unable to go for stok kangri, then pack your travel gears for this one. Trust me, this will give you a sensational experience.

Thinking to summit 19,600 feet will take out your sweat for once or makes you think twice, but you are a doer, not just a thinker, right? ‘The one who thinks keeps on thinking all his/her life’. Thinking is good but you should not compromise with your heart and dreams.

Other than that you’ll be going to get a beautiful view of Pin Parvati peak, Parang La, Ladakh trails, etc. In just one summit you can see a variety of spots which is yet a dream of many people in the world.

So without any further ado’s let’s jump into the main content which covers the Kanamo peak trek.

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Itinerary For You Summit

Day 1 – Arrival at Manali and Drive to Kaza

On the first day, your trek will get inaugurated from the land of Manali. Either reach a day prior and explore Manali or start your drive on the same day, whichever option you are comfortable with. Manali to Kaza is 204 km of drive which usually takes 10-12 hrs depending on the traffic jam and the speed & condition of your vehicle.

Most of the time traffic gets jammed on the Rohtang and Kunzum La Pass highway. So better prepare in advance, take your essentials and after reaching there, get a nice place to stay and have rest.

Day 2 – Drive from Kaza to Kimber

On day two you will be headed to Kimber, a village situated on 14,100 feet. There will be rough terrain on the way so make sure to drive carefully. After reaching there, you can explore the Fable Monastery as a sightseeing point. The houses in Kimber are so well designed that you can’t stop yourself staring at it.

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Day 3 – Kibber to Kanamo Base Camp

Now its time to gear up for some high-level trekking because the terrain will be steep and difficult to climb. You have to gain altitude from 14,100 feet to 15,800 feet. It will not going to be easy but ‘Where there is a Will, There’s a Way’. 

Bonus Point – There is a Brahma Kamal flowers on the way, just gaze at them with love, don’t pluck them, be thankful to mother nature for everything, pay gratitude and come back o your camp for deep relaxation!

Day 4 – Acclimatization Day – Thank god 😉

This day will be your rest day in the base camp. Make sure to have a little walk around the area in the lush green forest and buckle up yourself for the next day which will be the summit day!

Day 5 – Kanamo Base Camp to Kanamo Peak and Return Back

You will start trekking around 4:00 – 5:00 A.M and get back to your base camp around 2:00 – 3:00 P.M. It usually takes 10-12 hrs of time if you walk at a moderate speed. Don’t rush to get to the summit point, I repeat Don’t! Usually what happens is people rush in excitement to get the summit done and then take too much time resting there which ends up lowering their oxygen level. Make a balance between your steps and don’t rush in mountains. Step little by little!

Day 6 – Kanamo Base Camp to Kibber

Now the return cycle will be the same as it was started in the beginning. Gear up to reach Kibber on the same day as it will take half time to reach down. If the area is slippery, watch out for your footsteps every time you make a turn. Reach Kimber before dusk and have a complete rest there.

Day 7 – Kibber To Manali

Drive back to the place from where you started the journey. Manali will welcome you with open arms. Manali will be the same but not you. You may be tired from the outside but energetic from inside as the happiness of completing the summit will make you much aware and conscious about the place than before.

Which Things I should Take On Trek

This is the most common question which arises in your mind. Though there can be many things to carry, but you should keep your backpack light as much as possible. Heavy carrying will resist your steps and force you to rest more than you are willing to.

Take 20 kg of light bag on your shoulders with essentials like medicine, water bottle, power bank, extra pair of socks and lower, Sunglasses, and some eating commodities.

What are the Things to Take on Kanamo Peak Trek”-

Poncho/Raincoat – If you Forget your luxury, battery, mobile it’ll be okay but don’t forget to lose raincoat.

Extra Pair of socks and lower – Always remember to have an extra pair of socks and lower in case if they turn wet because the weather in the mountains is uncertain. Your raincoat will no longer help if rain holds the grip and continued for long.

Shoes and Travel Gears – Buy trekking shoes and clothes from the Decathlon store which I personally feel is the best outlet in today’s time. You will get Thermals according to the temperature you are going in, upper jackets, Tshirts, Walking Sticks, Quechua Backpacks, Sleeping Bag, Tents, and many more. It’s my personal favorite, otherwise, you can have different options also like Wildcraft, Woodland, The North Face

Medicines – Medicine kit is a must carry thing and besides that some important medicines like Diamox for altitude sickness, Combiflame for pain relief, Crocin for headache and fever symptoms, Betadine which is an antiseptic cream, Band-aid, ORS.

Medical Certificate – Take proof of your physical fitness and wellbeing. No matter how muscular you are, without a proper medical certificate don’t go on this type of difficult treks otherwise higher authorities questions trek organizers and sponsors for being careless.


Q – What is the level of Kanamo Peak Trek?

Kanamo Peak comes in difficulty level as its altitude is 19,600 feet and before reaching the peak point, the area becomes too steep and difficult to climb. So before planning for this trek, make sure you are physically fit and mentally strong. If you choose to come halfway then you should plan for some low altitude trek.

You must have experience of climbing the mountains, newbies might hit low esteem after seeing the trails, so better prepare yourself in advance and you should be able to handle the rough and tough environment.

Q – Is This Trek Suitable For Below 18 Years of Age?

NO, Don’t ever think to take your kids on this type of treks. The Reason is they lose their mental endurance very easily which is a must need on high difficulty level treks. There are many treks in India where you can take your kids and spend a good time with them. Some of them are Triund in Macleodganj, Dayara Bugyal, Nag Tibba Trek, etc to name just a few.

Q – Is this trek suitable for a Newbie?

NO, the reason is the same as above. He/She will lose mental endurance very fast as compared to experienced travelers. If any health issue occurs then there will be no source for finding the doctors or hospital. So it’s better not to take a newbie on this trek.

Q – What are the minimum and maximum temperature I will get there?

Temperature varies from 15 degrees to 20 degrees in the day time and -4 degrees to 4 degrees in the night time. Day time is usually to grasp shining sunlight and gain Vitamin D for your body. In the night time just gather somewhere united, have a decent dinner with buddies, and run back to your warm tent or sleeping bag to have a peaceful sleep away from the city lights and crowd.

Q – How this trek is different from other treks?

First of all this trek is still unexplored and hidden from the population which is the most positive point. Secondly, the trails are easy to climb as compare to other difficulty level treks. other than that you will get to see breathe taking and most beautiful attractions on the way such as Brahma kamal, Spiti village, Peas, and wheat farms, Kinnaur ranges, Pin Parvati Pass, Lahaul, and Ladakh ranges to name just a few.

So I guess you are pretty much understood about this trek and soon to explore this wonderful peak. I hope you take something with you from this article and if you have any questions or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.

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Stay Tuned!

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