Top 12 High Paying Work From Home Jobs For Students In 2020

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high paying work form home jobs for students

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Ever wondered which jobs pay the most while working from home? How can I get work from home jobs easily?

What kind of work can I do from home? etc, etc.

If you are reading this and still thinking the same then this article is for you only!

Here I’ll mention some of the high paying jobs with platforms where you can go and place a bid no matter where you are sitting whether in India or outside India, you just have a decent skill and minimum working experience in which you are going to apply for a job.

One thing I want to mention over here is that freelancing is not everyone’s cup of tea so don’t think it as a win-win game. You really have to scratch your head before earning a first client. Ya, that’s why most of the people finish their journey before even starting.

But if you have a good patience level and have a decent CV/Portfolio which can attract recruiters then you are surely a winner. Jobs are endless online – that’s not a concern. The thing here is to wait for the client to contact you and you have to bid on the right project which suits your skills and which you have mentioned in your resume or CV. Right?

So now I’ll stop going deep in words and jump on which are the high paying work from home jobs for students in 2020. According to stats and research data, these jobs will surely pay you which you have never imagined.

Latest High paying list of work from home jobs in 2020

Freelance Writing

If you are fond of writing or ever dreamt to be, then this is the right time for you. No matter whether its a recession or a depression in the market, it will never going to affect your job which is the most delightful thing. Being safe and secure professionally is all we want in today’s world.
If you start early then maybe the price you will get per article is less but if you take it as a full-time work then after some time you probably have a chance to get $50- $60 per article, just imagine! Trust me, You can finish one article in just 2-3 Hrs after having a bit of experience. Some of the websites where you can try – Writers weekly, ACHS, The change agent, Make a living writing.

Affiliate Marketing

This job is for those who are actively blogging or thinking to start their own blog. Affiliate marketing helps you to earn commission on per sale made by the link you shared on your website or blog. In easy words the more people who click on your links and purchase the items, the more commission you get on every sale. 
If you are having a trending niche and updating trending products on your blog then it will definitely gonna work. People may not trust your website at first but they trust big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. The link you put on your website will directly redirect them to the original website of that product where they can make a purchase. Earning potential may vary from the product he/she is promoting.

Transcriptionist Jobs 

 A transcriptionist is such an easy job to do in today’s time but you should be completely active and interested in what you are doing then only it will give you benefits. A Transcriptionist has to convert audio/video files in the readable or text-from document. earning potential can be from $20-$30 per hour for experienced ones.


Rev is a transcription company where you can work up to your potential which seems endless. Rev provides you the work whenever you want and it will pay you approx. $25 – $40 per audio fetched into text document form per day/per week. It’s very less competitive as compared to Upwork  and

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest has over 300+ million, active users right now. Some people think that Pinterest is the same as Google and Facebook but I wanna correct you here, Pinterest is not considered a social media platform or a search engine rather its a platform where you can advertise your products and marketing your website.
Pinterest VA’s work is to advertise and create content on behalf of the client. You have to create pins and boards according to client orders and use your skills to generate traffic on the client’s website. If you are a regular Pinterest user then this less competitive job will surely work for you.

Professional Proofreading

You consider yourself a professional writer or a good sense of catching the phrases? If yes, then proofreading is the best option for you. you might have heard of this several times on the internet but have you ever thought of becoming one? 
You may have thought its a low paying job or don’t have a future in this, right? But here I must tell you is you can have the scope of earning $30 – $40 per hour if you take this job seriously.

Teaching English with EF education

English first provides the best platform for those who want to expand their career in teaching. If you are a native English speaker or a bachelor’s in English then you can apply for this job. I have provided the link above you can check out the role and open positions. 

Data entry Jobs

Lionbridge is currently the best platform who wants to begin their freelancing career from data entry jobs as a fresher. Virtual bee accepts application from the freshers all around the world and the earning potential can vary from $15 to $20 per hour depending on your typing speed.

Front-end Web Developer

Tech experts really get a cool job offering anywhere anytime. There are seamless opportunities for front end web developers in the market right now. You just have to do a little bit of research and ready to send at least 10 resumes/CVs at a time to get hear from potential recruiters. There can be a massive passive income from this job.

Rent a room on Airbnb 

This is not an active job offer in Airbnb but if you have any property owned by you then you can rent it out on Airbnb. Airbnb is a massive platform for backpackers and every year millions of travelers book their accommodation through Airbnb so there’s a high chance for you that your property may get approved by someone who wants to take it on rent for some days.
Just keep the decent price lower than your competitors, keep your place hygiene and clean, and most important do some internet marketing on your social media handles.

Sell on amazon

You are already familiar with Amazon selling but where’s the problem? The problem is in stepping in and start selling, right! If you are thinking that it’s a lengthy process to start selling or apply for GST number, pay returns, etc. then you can start selling books on amazon without applying for any GST no. or paying monthly/quarterly returns. Go to the link and the amazon team will help you to launch your online business without moving out from your doorstep.


Are you good with numbers and calculations? If yes then bookkeeping and accounting would be the best option for you to try with. You can get a free virtual training here. Bookkeepers can have the potential to earn between $25,000 – $30,000 per year. 
One can save from high startup costs, high earning, and an independent working environment. So, a win-win situation to go.
So here are some of the effective jobs out there for you. Maybe it will take a while to get the right client but once you will get your first project then it will all worth it. Check out according to your niche and interest, it will be easy for you to place a bid.


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