Top 10 Chill-Out Places to Visit in Goa

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Baga Beach, Goa

Goa is one of the best Chill-Out places to visit in India. Known for its beaches, it is also a hub of feisty culture, pulsating nightlife, mouth-watering cuisines, adrenaline-pumping adventure sports, and many others. Simply head to the city and enjoy your best holidays. Today, I will be sharing – Top 10 Chill-Out Places to Visit in Goa!

Okay, so you finally got your vacations that you have waited for so long, and are super excited to go to “the perfect” destination. Considering a destination is one important aspect of holidaying. It can either make or simply ruin your holidays. So, before you head out, take things slow and be careful about choosing the destination. For those who like to spend their holidays, partying like crazy, relishing the appetizing seafood, and spend their days in the laid-back atmosphere, Goa is the destination to go to. Among the many destinations in Goa that are breathtaking to the eye, following make for the cream of the crop in random order.

  1. Coco Beach – Basking in the Coco Sun!

Coco Beach, Goa

Not many may have heard of this beach situated near the Mandovi Estuary. A personal favorite is the lovely jubbly beach where they also arrange for you to see the lovely dolphins of Coco along with backwater cruises and sea fishing activities.

  1. Ponda’s Temples – I say a little prayer for you!

Ponda Hindu Temples, Goa

Take a break from your vicious beach affair and explore the mystical architecture of Goan Temples. Choose a lazy afternoon to drive up to Ponda and explore the wondrous temples splayed across. Among the temples that have greater tourist prominence are Shri Mahalasa, Shri Shantadurga, Shri Lakshmi and Shri Nagesh.

  1. Vagator Beach – Vagabonds at Vagator!

Vagator Beach, Goa

I always imagined Vagator beach to be a beach teeming with crocs (not the shoe) and alligators for some reason! Turns out, the place is in fact a mass of red cliffs that fall into a beautiful sandy water front. Ascending onto the beach is a bit of an adventure with the many rocky steps. More popular amongst backpackers from overseas, this beach is quiet yet paced by a rhythm of its own. The beach is frequented by trance lovers who visit nearby clubs like the Hilltop, Primrose and Nine Bar.

  1. The Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

Old Goa has a very strong essence of Portugal as it was their Indian Capital up until a few centuries ago. You will find this locale replete with churches, cathedrals and more. The Basilica of Bom Jesus hosts the famous feast of St. Francis every year on 3rd of December. The church is also a shrine to St. Francis Xavier whose body is manifested for viewing once in every ten years. The experience is said to be very surreal and confer a lot of healing.

  1. Calangute Beach – Go Goa!

Calangute Beach, Goa

One of the most commercial beaches in Goa, Calangute is the hub for beach shopping and water activities. Buy all your trinkets, stones, souvenirs, booze, beachwear, footwear and more right here along the markets that align the beach. The picture perfect church of St. Alex near Calangute is known to be more than 400 years old. If you have a flair for art, you could also pop in at the Kerkar Art Complex where Indian classical dance and music concerts are regularly organized.

  1. Fort Aguada – A Lighthouse to the Sea

Fort Aguada, Goa

Fort Aguada is another architectural relic from the Portuguese epoch branded by a dreamlike lighthouse that was later constructed in mid 19th century. While the fortifications of Aguada charm you, the view of the Goan Sea from the fort will leave you mesmerized and more so during dawn and dusk.

  1. Dudhsagar Waterfall – A White Sea

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Thought you’d never see a waterfall in Goa. Making this paradise like place more perfect is the panoramic Dudhsagar Waterfall. With white waters gushing down from a height of 2000 feet with the mist of the morning sun illuminating the cascade, Dudhsagar makes for a heavenly experience.

  1. Baga Beach – Do the Boogie at Baga!

Baga Beach, Goa

Perched between Calangute and Anjuna, the Baga Beach is a great place to unwind after a hard night of partying away to trance music. Baga Beach is rich with the best of Goan Cuisine whipped up by famous beach shacks like the Tito’s and Café Mambo where you can try your hand at belting out some Classic English songs. Every night’s a Karaoke night at Baga!

  1. Anjuna Flea Market – Twinkle Twinkle!

Anjuna Flea Market

Shopping in Goa has become synonymous to Anjuna’s Wednesday Flea markets. It all began in the 1960’s, the decade of the Hippie culture in Goa, when people on the move sold commodities here at Anjuna’s Flea Market. Today, it attracts photographers to its many flavors and colors while the shoppers scurry themselves amidst the many shops for handicrafts, trinkets, music, textile, henna and tattoo studios and hair braiding junctions.

  1. Spice Plantation – The Spice of Life!

Spice Plantation, Goa

The Spice Plantations of Goa are situated a few kilometers away from Ponda. What brings this place to the Top 10 places to see in Goa is a beautiful lapse of green that will leave you enchanted. An extravagant flower garland along with a warm cup of lemon or ginger tea awaits you at its entrance.

The Beach Side of Life

This is a gist of a fun-filled trip to Goa for regulars and novices alike. Hope it helps! If I have missed out on some interesting things to see in Goa, please add them in comments.

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