How To Start Blogging In India As A Full-Time Career

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First of all, you need to understand what really blogging is! 

The majority of people think blogging is everyone’s cup of tea. In my experience till now, blogging is like an ocean – From a point, you get a beautiful view and have limited vision but when you go ahead you realize there is no end. It’s not that what you think.

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What to expect?

So for starting the journey you can’t stand at one point and dream to start blogging in India or anywhere. You have to move ahead day by day to know what’s there in the ocean. There comes a time when you have to jump inside, storms will come, the weather will get worst but hurdles can only be overcome by those who choose to face the challenges and dare to stand out from the queue.

I have come across this question many times – How one can start blogging in India or anywhere in the world? The question is as simple as the answer – By taking the first step, Ya!

In this article, I’ll share how to start blogging in India as a full-time career

Let’s dive in!

Blogging in India

As internet users in India are increasing massively day by day, the competition is also increasing. Competiton as in content writers, bloggers, influencers, affiliates marketer, etc. 
I’ll come to these terms later! In the last decade internet was not that widely used by the people and its reach was just in urban areas. 
But after the introduction of Jio internet users grew in bulk and at present, there are millions of blog posts everyday on google. 
You can have a rough idea of how difficult it can be for a new blogger if he/she starts to think as a full-time career. No doubt it’s difficult but not impossible.
There are no. of bloggers in India right now but they are not newbies. They started their journeys a long time back and as a blogger, I can imagine what they have been through. I am not demotivating you or here to frighten you. I’m not telling any pros and cons of blogging here but an insight of how & what blogging is.

Points to keep in mind before sitting up a blog

  • If you want to start blogging in India then you must know that India has a large no. of internet users all over the world. Within India, you can easily rank for your articles or videos if your content has quality.
  • Keep looking for the trending topics and categories/what’s trending around you.
  • Never underestimate the power of the internet. Don’t just post anything, you should have complete knowledge of what you are writing and posting.
  • Always keep yourself up to date regarding the ups & downs of a digital career.
  • Find a good mentor before stepping on this field.
  • Don’t just copy-paste your competitor instead do proper research, invest your time and efforts honestly and come up with something unique.
  • You should have something unique to create or launch. Don’t write about Top 10,5,8,9 to watch, see, etc….
  • Last but not the least, you must believe in your work and be patient enough to see the results.

Process To Start A Blog

1) Choose your Healthy Niche

First of all, choose a niche in which you are confident enough that you can write or take about it with the audience. Don’t just choose a topic randomly which others are writing on or they find profit on. If you go after by copying others then you end up in 2-3 months. Trust me! Find the topic on which you have decent knowledge and you are passionate about it.
It can be time-consuming or head-scratching, you may find plenty of options but choose wisely. The niche should be clear in your mind so that you don’t have to think twice before writing an article in a day or two.

2) Come up with a unique and catchy name

Your blog name defines your content and what your website will be all about. starting a website is not just to show people that you are doing something but it should be so well managed that if a user comes on your blog he/she finds worthy and visit again. So the name should be:
  • Unique and attractive
  • Similar to your posts and niche
  • easily available on social platforms for social media marketing.
  • easy to write and remember

3) Pick a domain name 

A domain name is very easy to choose. It’s not that much of rocket science. You just have to pick a domain like .com, .in, .net, .org, etc….Among all .com and .in are widely preferable and easily rank on google.

4) Choose Web Hosting

There are plenty of options in the market right now for choosing web hosting for your domain name. Without web hosting, you can’t operate your domain name and blog. Its like fish in the sea without water. Some of the best web hosting providers are
GoDaddy GoDaddy is the most known web hosting provider at this moment. Super easy and most trustable among all. Giving quality service 24*7 to its users. Plans starting from $1.00 per month which is affordable.
Bluegeek Hosting Bluegeek hosting is also an excellent platform to give someone the authority of your purchased domain. I am using Bluegeek for my other WordPress blog. Sometimes I face some issues but it’s fixed within 10-15 mins. Price Starting from $0.6 per month, ya super cheap!
Hostinger Hostinger is the cheapest web hosting provider in India as it gives you a 48-month plan in just $0.08. I mean if you are a full-time blogger and completely dedicated without having 2nd option then you can go with full-time payment for 48 months.

5) Start Writing

Bloggers stuck here! Ya, I mean above things are pretty easy and simple to do but when it comes to writing a post then it seams flying an airplane to them. You must have confidence in yourself first that what you will be going to write will be absolutely correct and 100% unique. If you are confident about your content then no one can stop you to become a future successful blogger.

6) Promote on your social media handles and Take traffic to your Blog

In the first 2-3 months, you won’t get many clicks and organic visitors, and it’s completely okay. You have to accept this bitter truth. No matter how strong your content is google bots will test your patience at a high level. You have to be damn lucky to get featured on Top 10 pages of google in a few months. So considering your hard work as the first priority, you should start promoting your blogs on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp, Quora, and many more…

7) Get Google AdSense Approval and Monetize your blog

When you think you have posted enough content and blogs on your website then its time to get the Google Adsense approval for monetization. It means Google will show ads on your blog and you will get pay for that. Sounds interesting? Ya, it is but for that, you must have a quality content which is plagiarism-free, no copyrighted images on your blog, with 800-1000 words limit per blog, and many more which I will discuss in my next blog – What are the different ways to earn money for your blog!


So this is it! I guess now you have some rough idea of what blogging is. If you are confident enough and think you have some interest in writing, creating something unique for the audience and can give 8-10 hrs per day then dive in without giving any second thought.
See you in the next article on What are the different ways to earn money for your blog!
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