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Nun Kun Trek

Nun Kun Expedition In Leh Ladakh

Mt. Nun Kun massif consists of a pair of mountain peaks – Mt. Nun which is situated at an elevation of 7135 m (23,409 ft) the highest summit and alongside Mt. Kun which is 7077m (23,218). Nun is the highest peak among these two which lies on the Zanskar range on the Indian line of control in Jammu & Kashmir.

The Nun Kun massif is located in the upper region of Suru Valley which is about 250 km east of Srinagar, the capital. These 2 massive mountain peaks are separated by a distance of 4km long snowy plateau.

White needle and Pinnacle peak are the third highest mountain in this range which is 6930 m (22,735) in height. They are lying over the Suru river on Kashmir and Zanskar border.


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Trek Basic Requirement

This trek is not like an overnight made plan with friends. One should be completely conscious about it because other than physical fitness there must be mental endurance also. There must be a pre based knowledge of trekking equipment like ice axes, crampons, roping techniques, and most importantly strong willpower.

Nun Kun trek consists of 19-20 days depending on which trek company or organization you are going through. This high altitude trek lying on the Indian side of the line of control has a lot to offer. So never ever underestimate the influence of the Himalayan range.

The budget is starting from a minimum INR 1,50,000/- per person. Detailed inclusion you can see here


So before planning for this trek, you must note these things in mind:

  • A trekker must have an experience of at least two treks with a minimum elevation of 6000 m or should have an authorized mountaineering course from a reputable institute or organization.


  • Trekker must be physically fit and mentally stable so that at the time of any hurdle he/she can manage on its own. You should be able to cover 5 km in 30 mins to keep your stamina level up.


  • One must carry his/her bag because there will be no carrier with you who will take off your load. The recommended weight of luggage would be below 10kg and the trekker should be comfortable carrying that load.


  • A medical certificate will be needed in case anyone asks for your fitness so you should have eligibility proof with you. No heart disease, Blood pressure should be normal, mental health should be stable.

Detailed Itinerary

Day-1 Arrive in Leh

The first day you have to arrive in Leh. Do some rest, have some shopping for a trek if needed and enjoy the beautiful environment at 3500 m altitude.

If you are solo then look for an affordable hostel to stay otherwise book a twin-share basis nearby your trek point. ATMs will be available easily. You will get only a postpaid connection there, so better arrange one before leaving.

Day-2 Leh Sightseeing

Take a day for sightseeing and acclimatization in Leh. You can visit Thiksey, Sangam, Shey, etc. You can rent or buy travel gear for your trek and have a complete rest on this day.

Don’t eat any bad food to avoid food poisoning and try to maintain your mental level for the summit. Try to bring a sleeping bag on a rental basis if you going on your own.

Day-3 Leh to Kargil

On day 3, you need to drive from Leh to Kargil from national highway 1. On the way, rivers Zanskar and Indus will be seen.

Book one guest house in Kargil of your choice and stay overnight and have proper rest for the next day’s journey.

Day-4 Kargil to Tangul

It will be a 5-6 hrs drive from Kargil to Tangul which is 75 km of distance. Based on an altitude of 3700 m and a small village to stay overnight for rest.

Day-5 Tangul to Nun Base Camp

From Tangul you have to reach to Nun base camp. First, you have to cover Mt. Nun and then head over to Mt. Kun. It’ll take 5-6 hrs to reach the base camp and after reaching you’ll be going to have complete rest for the next day of the summit.

Day-6 To Day-16 Nun Base Camp to Summit and Back to Nun Base Camp

The next 10 days would be your complete hiking and there will be 3 advanced base camps on the journey. It depends on from which trek company you are going with otherwise altitudes for the bae camp generally would be 5500 m, 6000 m, and 6700 m.

In the midst of these days, proper training will be provided to the candidates by every trek company, one complete day for gearing up and the summit will be complete after reaching Nun 7,135 m.

Day-17 Nun Base Camp to Tangul

So after reaching the Nun base camp you have to head over to Tangul base camp for having complete rest.

Day-18 Tangul to Leh

Now its time to go back to the place from you started. Have some feeling of achievement and enjoy the rest of the day in a hotel or hostel wherever you want to book. It’ll take 11-12 hrs to reach Leh from Tangul so make sure to bring necessary items with you.

That’s a Wrap of your 18 days Nun Kun Peak adventurous journey!

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