What Are Some Of The Most Interesting Facts About Croatia

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facts about croatia

Facts About Croatia

Wanna have a short break from work life? Go-Croatia-Go is the only solution for that if you are a daring traveler. What’s so interesting in Croatia which everybody is talking about nowadays, eh?

Croatia is one of the most exciting and developing countries in Europe. It has too much to offer for travelers like us. I remember the first time I heard about Croatia is in FIFA WorldCup 2017 when there was a final match between France and Croatia.

I heard about it a few times before that but didn’t take much interest in knowing about the country. But right after the match when I searched and looked in detail about Croatia then I was numb and my eyes kept on looking at the pictures on google. It was damn stunning.

Today after 3 years I am here writing some fun facts about Croatia, I haven’t got a chance to visit yet but ya what I have learned and researched about Croatia, I am going to share here with you.

So spare some 2-3 mins from your time and get ready to dive in:-

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Most Interesting Facts About Croatia

facts about croatia

1) Tea/Coffee Hub

As in India, whenever you pay a visit to someone’s home the what is the first thing they ask for – Tea or coffee?

Same as in Croatia – wherever you go, either to meet some relatives or in restaurants, you will most likely see and hear coffee or tea all around you. Wherever you go it will anyhow give you a feel of India and which is the best thing also. So whenever you visit there make sure to try Croatian tea or coffee other than fancy whisky and scotch.

2) Dalmatian Coast – Simply Beauty In Itself

The waterfront in Croatia is known as the Dalmatian coast. It is named after the famous dog breed ‘Dalmatian’ which is considered as a Croatian from the 17th century. But this region is originally named Dalmatia since the Imperial Roman times and now its been famous after this dog name.

3) Superhit Web Series Game Of Thrones was Filmed in Split & Dubrovnik

You must be a GOT lover, If you are then it may excite you to visit the same place and have some elegant photoshoot. It will give you a feel as you were there before. But if you are not a game of thrones lover then it may give you a newbie feel so I recommend you to watch GOT first and then witness the beauty with your eyes whenever you get a chance to visit Croatia.

4) World’s Biggest truffle Founded in Croatia

You may have heard of many truffles before but the one which I am talking here is not a small, bit-familiar type. It was discovered by Giancarlo Zigante weighing 2 lb in eastern Croatia in 1999. Have a look at the picture which is named in the Guinness book of world records.

5) Sunsoaking on Croatia’s Zlatni Rat Beach

Zlatni rat beach changes its color and direction according to the change in the wind direction. I mean have you ever heard of this before? Isn’t it truly splendid!

This beach is situated on the island of Brac. Its also called Golden Corn Beach.

Remember this name otherwise save this page as a bookmark for speed click whenever you want to ring a bell for Croatia.

6) Invention of Parachute in Croatia

This is one of my most favorite fact which I still admire about Croatia. Your so-called paragliding dreams or parachute activities which you enjoy today is only because of the Croatians. They invented the idea of the parachute.

Bir billing in India is the main hub for paragliding and parachute activities. If it’s not possible to go to Croatia, then Bir billing is the best alternative for this activity.

7) Production Hub For Wine

I mean what else can be the greatest thing about this place. you get tea, coffee, and now wine of the finest quality in the world. I just have a feeling of packing my bag and leave for Croatia.

Now coming back to the topic, Wine is made in Croatia from the greek’s influence since two and a half thousand years ago. So it makes a choosy destination for foodies and Winos.

8) 2700 hrs of Sunshine in a Year

Yeah, you saw the right digits. 2700+ hrs of sunshine in a year. One of the most no. of hours in the world. Croatians people love to get tanned so they sit on beaches for long hours and enjoy the sunlight.

I think that is what life is all about. To be joyous and enjoy the moment.

9) 10% of the land in Croatia Covers National Parks and Nature Reserves

Croatia is not as big as the other countries in Europe. More than 10% of the Croatian land has astonishing 8 national parks, 11 nature parks, and 2 nature reserves. It always feels good to have so many natural things in a country other than just man-made monuments and big buildings. If one travels for solitude then Croatia is the destination you should go for.

I mean there are many more in & out of Europe but Croatia is what you should be exploring other than the so-called famous countries with so much of crowd and hustle.

10) Invention of Pen

When it comes to invention, Croatians are always on the top. Slavolijub Penkala invented a first mechanical pen in 1906 which is named a Penkala. Its been more than 100 years, we don’t have a life without a pen, thanx to the people of Croatia. This Penkala is now known as Pen in today’s modern world.


So I hope you may get some idea about the little bit of Croatia. There are many things left about its insight but I will cover that in my later blogs or if I will be lucky enough to visit Croatia in person. I assume you may take something with you after reading this article and if you have anything in your mind then let me know in the comments section. I’ll be happy to hear and assist.

So see you down the road very soon, till then Happy traveling 🙂

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