Top 8 Regions of Spain For Dream Vacation

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Top 8 regions of spain

Top regions of spain

Spain has way too emerged in beauty and tranquility. The regions of Spain have a lot to offer us. It has already more than 50 provinces and so diverged that travelers may get confused about where to head off for getting the best experience of life.

There are some regions of Spain that are way too beautiful and most of the ones are not even aware of it.

So here I will give you the virtual ride of the breath-taking, Top 8 regions of Spain which you really be gonna craving for after exploring this page.

Lets dive-in!

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Regions of Spain List:



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With the former capital of Zaragoza situated on the north-eastern side of Spain with very little densely populated. It is one of the most decent and tranquil regions of Spain among all maybe that is why people love spending quality time with their loved ones.

It offers stunning Aragonese Pyrannese to its visitors nearer to the French border. Aragon has Spain’s largest river called ‘Ebro’.

Provinces – Zaragoza, Teruel


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Situated on the northern coast of Spain with an immense amount of rainfall every year. Asturias is considered the greenest region of Spain with 2 wonderful cities Gijon and Oviedo to visit around which is located on the Bay of Biscay’s on the west side.

Favorable spot for mountain climbers, hikers, kayakers and nature lovers straight eye on to peaks of Europa National Park.

Provinces – A single Province Region


Balearic Islands

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Also known as Islas Baleares in the Spanish language situated on the east coast of Spain in the western Mediterranean Sea. Home for a perfect beach holiday destination as Ibiza for a beach party, Majorca island as a family-friendly and Menorca island for calmness and peace.

Lobster stew is the popular food of all time you can have and seafood is all loved by the visitors as its the franchise food of Balearic islands.

Provinces – A Single Province Region


Canary Islands

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Situated on the northwest coast of Africa. It’s famous for Tenerife which is the most populous and popular island because of its fabulous beaches and stunning landscapes. The tallest mountain of Spain El Tiede is also situated on canary islands.

Provinces – Las Palmas, Santa Cruz De Tenerife



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Lying on the border of the Bay of Biscay on the northern coast. It’s Lush green and considered as the home of wet places in the regions of Spain. You will find many ferries from the UK every day which takes many tourists to Cantabria.

While exploring you will see a lot of cave paintings hence it’s proof that people on this island are living over the last 15,000 years.

Provinces – A Single Province Region



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Well-known for the amazing city of Barcelona as well as the most visited region inside Spain. As it is well connected to roads and has large airport connectivity, tourists often visit here.

It’s also famous for Antoni Gaudi’s wonderful architecture. In addition, there are too many lovely resorts and hotels to stay in Catalonia and a perfect trip for families.

Provinces – Barcelona, Girona



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The heart of Spain and the country’s capital which you’ll be knowing very well. Situated in the middle of the country with a massive amount of tourists every year. Madrid offers many interest points for tourist which includes riverside Alcala de Henares, a UNESCO world heritage site and awful views of Sierra de Guadarrama Mountains.

Provinces – A Single Province Region



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You will find it in the bottom right-hand corner of Spain with a single province region. Ones who are looking to tan their body and sun-soaking place with decent temperature then this place is open for you all around the year.

Murcia has a lot to offer like no. of golf course points, hiking trails, and cycling points for adventure lovers. In addition, diving is the most loved water sport in Murcia.


Regions of Spain Map

Top 8 Regions Of Spain


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