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Yoga classes zurich

Have you ever wondered what really Yoga is? It means Union. When you are just one and become a union with everything. Yoga classes help you to connect with yourself. It makes you conscious by connecting your mind and body at the same time. It offers you inner satisfaction and connects you to the universe as a whole.

The practice of yoga keeps on traveling for ages from ancient India to every corner of the world. As Rishikesh is the yoga capital of India, Zürich is also the Himalayan spot for adventure lovers in the European nation. There are many experienced Yoga teachers and gurus in Zürich who have mastered Yoga and now teaching people in their own way.

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The Best Yoga Classes in Zürich for you

1) AirYoga Zürich

Airyoga is the most traditional form of yoga in Zürich. People have an immense amount of energy and zeel to learn this form. As the name is telling itself – Doing yoga in a fresh atmosphere. It mainly emphasis on providing an open environment in the air, with light sunlight rays and a quiet place. They offer varieties of yoga traditions which include Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Anusara which is hard to find in Zurich and also best in the city.

How to Reach –  Oberdorfstrasse 2, 8001 Zurich Tel: +41 43 499 01 01

2) Yogacorner

Yogacorner is continuously spreading the wave from the last 30+ years. It has been said that the yoga corner studio was founded by Evrim Helva and Eveline wild who are working with big organizations now. There are many experienced practitioners who are specialized in Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, and  Aerial Yoga. This yoga studio provides extra amenities like Yoga mats and blocks, Hot shower facilities, and ancient spiritual books.

How to Reach – Brandstrasse 39CH-8952 Schlieren, Zürich, Switzerland. +41 44 730 85 85

3) Bikram Yoga

Hold your breathe tight because what I am going to tell you now you’ll not gonna believe. Bikram yoga offers 28 different kinds of poses which you have to do at 40 degrees Celcius room temperature, can you believe it! With utmost care and ability, Bikram yoga has been practiced. Although the poses are very demanding in nature, this series of exercises detoxify your blood completely and helps you in circulating the waste out from the blood.

How to Reach – Grüngasse 21, 8004 Zurich, Tel: +41 43 243 35 80

4) ATAÏA Yoga 

This yoga is for the complete beginners or we can say who is thinking to start his/her journey. This Yoga studio offers flexible timings from morning to evening for students, kids, and the age of every type. This studio lies in the middle of the Zurich city center. Mainly most of the yoga classes are in german language but here you’ll get classes in the English language also which are taught by experienced yoga practitioners.

How to Reach – Gartenstrasse 14, 8002 Zurich, Tel: +41 43 243 06 05

5) Planet Yoga

This yoga studio started in 2004 which offers 20 classes per week as of now. It offers different yoga workshops and various teacher training programs. Special focus is to be given on students as well as trainers from time to time, that is why planet yoga is the most trusted yoga studio in Zurich city. They started with one lobby with a decent changing room and achieved milestones in 16 years.

Beginners are most and always welcome as they have a large group on Facebook for Q&A. Learners can register via the website and visit their branch by contacting them. If you are in Zurich and nervous about stepping ahead for starting yoga then planet yoga will be of great help. Go to google and look at the reviews for better understanding.

How to Reach – Brandschenkestrasse 150, 8002 Zurich, Tel: +41 43 205 25 05

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