Hanoi Old Quarter: Pocket Guide For Newbie

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi old quarter

Hanoi – The Pride of Vietnam which reflects its culture and tradition. It is one of the places in Vietnam which everyone seeks to explore for its beauty and traditional inputs. Hanoi old quarter is one of them. Old Quarter is the traditional capital of Hanoi and a stopping point for travelers.

Hanoi old quarter features popular spots to visit, restaurants, attractions, and mainly famous for nightlife. There are 36 old streets which start with the word ‘hang’ and these streets transformed from old town to new town.

Here I will discuss some of the major things to do in Hanoi old quarter, the best hotel to stay in Hanoi, the attractions of Hanoi, and things to do in Hanoi.

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Things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter

Old Quarter Dining

Hanoi Old Quarter Dining

Ta Hein street is one of the famous streets in the old quarter. People mostly come to enjoying chilling beer and watching the nightlife view with their family, partners, and friends. If you will be in Hanoi then don’t forget to visit this street with a large can of tiger beer in your hand.

If you concerned about eating meals other than having cocktails/mocktails then try to sit where locals eat. they know better than us. Drop your lonely planet guide book and follow the local’s footsteps. After tasting their local cuisine you will get to know what real Vietnamese taste is.

Old Quarter Shopping

Hanoi Old Quarter Shopping

One of the happiest things to do in Hanoi old quarter is to do shopping in Dong Xuan Market and buy souvenirs for your home. You will get a variety of things from head to toe if you love to shop for traditional things. Trang Tien Plaza is very famous for shopping. List of things you can find in ‘hang’ streets – hang can for ‘stationary’, hang dau for ‘shoes’, hang Gai for ‘silk’, hang Buom for candies and wine, etc.

Old Quarter Nightlife

Hanoi Old Quarter nightlife

Hanoi old quarter is mainly famous for its nightlife. Most of the tourists spend their night in the old quarter road as its the hotspot for tourists. Many large franchises will be open up for the tourist like KFC, MacDonalds, and local food streets also.

Other than that you will get the live DJ, clubs and bars open up to turn your night up into unrealized morning. you can go to karaoke also which is very famous in Vietnam. Bia Hoi junction is an all-time favorite spot of backpackers for Vietnamese draft beer in just VND 5,000.

Old Quarter Attractions

If you are a newbie in Hanoi then there are never-ending attractions for you. Some are traditional, some are spiritual while some are for entertainment purpose. Mentioning some breathtaking attractions – O Quan Choung Gate, Ma may street(Oldest house in Hanoi), Mai Chau(rural district in Hoa Binh, Quang BA Flower Market, and Ngoc Son Temple.

There are many more but if I write all the names then this article would be difficult to read for you. so the above ones are the top attractions which you should add up in your bucket list right now.

Old quarter Hotels

Hanoi Old Quarter hotels

There are no. of hotels in the old quarter from luxurious hotels to budgetary hostels for backpackers. Large no. of travelers choose to stay in dorms because it is quite affordable for student travelers and better facilities at low prices. My 3 favorite places to stay in the old quarter are:

  1. Hanoi Old Quarter Hotel (Free Wifi and Breakfast)
  2. Luxury Backpacker Hotel (Free Wifi and Breakfast)
  3. JM Marvel Hotel & Spa (Free Wifi and Spa)

Old Quarter Map

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