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Netflix is currently the most popular OTT platform in India. Though there are many more like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee 5, etc. When it comes to playtime screens, plans, and quantity of data, Netflix is a sure winner from the last consecutive years.

Netflix’s popularity in India became so massive that nowadays even 10-year-old kids also have subscriptions. Being a 90s kid, I remember when I was 10, I didn’t even know what mobile is!

There are two perspectives of looking towards it – First Netlfix is not as bad as everyone is talking about because if you know what content to watch and whatnot, then its extremely helpful. Second, it is bad if you make this your habit and keep using it in excess.

There are plenty of shows on Netflix which are yet to be dubbed in Hindi. As the demand of the Indian audience is growing day by day. Some of the most popular are Vampire Dairies, Luke cage, House of Cards, etc. There are lots of anime series in Hindi on Netflix

So today I’ll talk about the list of most popular Netflix originals web series drama which is dubbed in Hindi language only for Indian audiences as Hindi is the first spoken language here. If I forget to add some of the names then you can mention in the comment section below.

So let’s jump into the Hindi dubbed Netflix web series list:

List of Netflix Originals Shows Dubbed In Hindi

1) White Lines

White lines is based on a Spanish murder mystery story created by Alex Pina. Its story revolves around 5 friends when one friend got murdered in the 1990s and his sister comes forward to look for the murderer after 20 years. It has only one season as of now and an engaging story to hold your interest and attention until the end.

2) Stranger Things

Stranger things is one of the most viewed horror sci-fi fictional web series available on Netflix right now. Its story is based on the missing child from the 80s in the small peaceful town of Hawkins. His two more friends went on searching with the help of a police officer and one girl who knows some magic tricks. It will keep you engaging throughout the story.

3) Peaky Blinders (Hindi Dubbing Coming Soon)

What I can say about this thug British crime fiction gem. It’s from 1919 when one British family takes over the charge of all the major business activities in town and proud to be called as ‘Peaky Blinders’. The swag of the mafia and a feeling of an entrepreneur is what you will be going to admire the most other than love and lust.

4) Narcos

Netflix dubbed narcos in hindi
Narcos is based on the drug trade in Columbia as you may have seen in Breaking Bad. The main source of the target is to trap a famous drug mafia lord Escobar who happens to be involved with all the civilians, politicians, police, and army. Narcos is Netflix’s original web series available in the Hindi language.

5) Never Have I Ever

Netflix dubbed never have I ever in hindi
Never Have I Ever is an American comedy-drama based web series which is based on Kaling’s real childhood story from the Boston area. The story revolves around one high school student who is solving the death case of her father. This serial gets a positive word of mouth from the Indian audience and available in the Hindi language also.

6) Locke and Key

Netflix dubbed Locke and Key in hindi
Locke and Key is an American horror drama web television series and very trending from the day of its release. It has some unique content that may be boring or exciting according to your choice. I find it interesting to watch. It is available in the Hindi language and has one season only.

7) Lucifer

Netflix dubbed Lucifer in hindi
Lucifer is a fantasy TV show and a crime suspense web Series thriller. Character name Lucifer, a demon who sents back from the hell and owns a bar named ‘LUX’ in Los Angeles. Later on, he fell in love with his lady love Detective decker, and assist her in solving mysterious murder cases.

8) Sex Education

Netflix dubbed sex education in hindi
Don’t get excited about the name. It’s not what you are thinking of. Its name may be Lil bit absurd but the storyline is so engaging and the message of this serial is worth taking. By now they have only released one season which is also available in Hindi.

9) Ozark

Netflix dubbed Ozark in hindi
Its also in the list of best crime drama web series which is directed by Mark Williams and Bill Dubuque. The story takes a U-turn when the money laundering scheme went wrong and one married couple Jason Bateman and Laura Linney abandon their place and shift to Ozarks. Another thrilling one to add to your watch list.

10) Game Of Thrones

Netflix dubbed game of thrones in hindi
I think I would not have to give the description for this mind-blowing action thriller Tv series. You must know about it better than me. It’s available on Netflix in Hindi and all other major OTT platforms. So better go and start watching today.


So I guess I have mentioned some major Hindi dubbed web series that are available on Netflix. I hope you will get something from this article and find this interesting.
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