Dzo Jongo Trek In Ladakh – A Hidden Treasure

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Djo Jongo Trek

Dzo Jongo Trek

Have you ever heard of this place before? I guess no! It’s pretty normal because Djo Jongo in Ladakh is not explored by many travelers. This is the reason we call it a hidden treasure. Djo Jongo trek is something which is still unknown to many and I hope one who is reading this will get to witness this wonder very soon.

Dzo Jongo lies in the range of Ladakh mountain which is approx. 6280 meters in altitude. This trek can be completed in the time span of 7-8 days depending on the weather and your capability to do the summit.

The total no. of km is calculated around 40-45 and considered to be a difficult level trek by the experts. So if you are planning to go for Dzo Jongo then you must be physically and mentally fit and well prepared for it.

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Where is Dzo Jongo?

There is one beautiful valley in Ladakh which is known as Kang Yatse which is near to Markha valley. When you visit Kanga Yatse then you’ll witness Dzo Jongo next to it. It’s slightly taller than Stok kangri trek because it’s altitude is 20,500 ft. It’s a non-technical climb and the best alternative to Stok kangri trek.

The way to this trek is quite challenging and a little bit rough. There are many ways to reach Dzo Jongo but most travelers choose Markha valley from Skui. But the best alternative is to go from Lato, a village that comes in Manali-Leh Highway.

The top of the summit will make you witness the beautiful Stok Kangri and Kang Yatse 1 & 2 Peaks. Its altitude is quite high so you can have a splendid view from the top. Last but not least, a breath-taking view of the Markha Valley can be seen from the top.

How to Reach Dzo Jongo?


Day 1: Arrive Leh and Have Sightseeing

The trip starts from Leh which is the most wonderful location to begin your journey. You can have a beautiful scenic view and wander around the beautiful place all day long before the expedition. Moreover, you can rent harness, ropes, or any other travel equipment for your summit which is going to be mandatory after all. Book your favorite hotel or resort in Leh and have proper rest a night before leaving for the trek.

Day 2: Leh to Lato

If you want to stay in Leh one day more for acclimatization or relaxation then you can, it totally depends on you. But what I recommend is on day 2 you should leave for Lato which is a small village and 70km away from Leh. On the way, you will experience some major sightseeing spots to have some selfies and scenic photographs for giving your social media family some major travel goals.

In Lato, you will see Rancho’s school which you have seen in 3 idiots movie, and many more famous spots to spend your day. Lato is one of the oldest villages of Leh Ladakh which is itself a hub for adventure lovers.

Day 3: Lato to Shiul Sumdo

This is when the actual trek journey begins. You will get to see moderate ascent alongside 2-3 major rivers on the way. If you hike with a normal speed with fewer breaks then you will reach by daytime and can have a proper lunch at the dzo jongo basecamp. Also spent a night in a tent under a sky full of stars.

Day 4: Shuil Sumdo to Chaksung

This day will be the most memorable and tough one as you have to leave early morning from your dzo jongo base camp. Spend the day hiking for 4-5 hrs and reach Chaksung in the daytime. After lunch, you can go for an acclimatization walk for 1-2 hrs which is mandatory when you are on the Himalayan trek. Keep your sleeping bag ready to have the most amazing sleep in the big mountains of the Ladakh range.

Day 5: Chaksung to Djo Jongo Base Camp

This day will be the most hectic and thrilling one as you have to go through Chak Pass. Although the distance from Chaksung to Djo Jongo base camp is only 5km, but the trek route is steep and difficult to ascend. You can have the astonishing look of Djo Jongo Peak and Kang Yatse summit peak from the base camp. On this much altitude, you will witness how weather changes instantly and different forms of nature at the same time.

Day 6: Summit and Back to Base Camp

The summit day will be going to long and hectic once again. Both ways it is 10-12km of distance. For the first half an hour it is a straight walk and after that, it will take approx. 1 hr to reach on Djo Jongo peak where you will witness Stok kangri peak &  Kang Yatse 1 & 2 Peak.

If you start early morning around 3-4 AM then you will be expected to reach around 5-6 AM which will be the best time to witness the moment and be proud of your achievement. In the early morning, time weather seems to be clear and vivid. So you have to buckle up and be ready for the greatest adventure of your time.

Day 7: Base Camp to Chokdo & Drive Back to Leh

So now its time to go back to your home with a chest filled with pride and soul filled with satisfaction. It feels good when there is someone who is waiting for you at home and you can share your journey in brief and tell your achievements. So on Day 7, you should reach Chokdo via Kongmaru La which will take 3-4 hrs. Along the way, you will see Kang Yatse peaks, Ladakh ranges, and a clear view of Indus valley.

From Chokdo it’s a 60km drive to Leh and after reaching Leh you can have some rest and have a peaceful sleep of 10-12 hrs which I am damn sure you will definitely going to get.

Important Note:

  • It may take more than 7 days depending on how much time you take for rest and doing the summit. If you have more time then you can take one day rest at Djo Jongo Base camp. If it’s mandatory then only take this decision otherwise just go with the flow.


  • You should have a proper summit kit to do the summit. Djo Jongo trek is something that should not be taken as lightly or a moderate trek. The essentials for the summit will be crampons, gaiters, ropes, sleeping bags, tent, etc.


  • If you are going through some trekking company then there will be no shortage of food but if you are going with some guide or alone then food will going to be the major concern for you. I would recommend you to check Trek the Himalayas for the best offers and deals regarding all types of treks. (I also choose TTH to book my treks)


  • You shouldn’t have a bad medical history, If you have then I won’t suggest you go there. If you planned already then do bring proof with you and start preparing a month prior to gain strength and building immunity.


  • Bring all the Essential wears for your journey and if you forget to bring anything incase then you can shop in Leh market where you can find all the stuff but slightly on higher rates.



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Hoping to see you down the road very soon

Till then Happy Travelling 🙂

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