7 Simple Secrets To Rock Your Bergen Norway Trip

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A Rock-pillar of Europe and still a dream of many travelers. Bergen, Norway in fjords is such a fantastic city to wander around. If you see Bergen in your dreams also then you may see goosebumps after waking up, Trust me!

Bergen, Norway is listed in a UNESCO world heritage site and extremely advanced cities in Europe at this time. It’s the culture and ethics which attracts travelers from around the globe every year.

I hope I get successful in giving you the top reasons to visit bergen, Norway which may inspire you and give you a hit to explore this beautiful city whenever you are ready for it. I have listed some famous tours and activities to do in bergen which you should definitely go with.

Bryggen and Its Museum

Bryggen is listed in UNESCO world heritage sites and one of the most popular attractions in Bergen, Norway. As New York is to the USA, Bryggen is to Bergen. The museum in Bryggen is the most primitive archeology to see and history lovers should definitely visit this museum. Bryggen is delightful to watch during the night time. You come across massively spread markets, souvenirs, cafes and night clubs. So put Bryggen in to-do-list.

Love To See From Heights? Visit Ulriken643 Cable Car

Bergen, Norway

You may have done many cable car rides at different places but the Ulriken643 cable car ride will make you mesmerize the true beauty of this place, hike trails, People enjoying walking on streets, cool mountain breeze, etc. While coming back from the cable car you see people hiking to the top and get to engage with the locals.

Floibanen Funicular

Bergen, Norway

Experience the Floibanen funicular from the top of the Mount Floyn. A Short Trip with Floibanen funicular gives you the best engaging moments of your life because a traditional carriage will take you from the bergen city to the mount floyn in just 6-7 minutes of time. This carriage is taking people to the top of mount floyn from the last 100 years. If you are with children or couple or solo, this ride is always on for you.

Operation Timings – 3 Aug 2020 – 31 Dec 2020
Monday – Friday 08:00 – 20:00Saturday – Sunday 10:00 – 20:00

Escaping Bryggen

Bergen, Norway

You might have heard of this game if you are a frequent traveler. If not then I’ll tell you what this game is all about. While reaching there you will see tons of small house-shaped boxes where you have to escape from one room and you have to get out from there by using your creativity, logic, and team spirit skills. It’s not that easy as you are thinking, for experiencing this you have to visit there.

Magic Ice Bergen

Bergen, Norway

This magic ice has a lot to offer you if you choose to visit there. There are a variety of cocktails and mocktails in this bar, full of ice artworks, winter dreamland feeling all around, and welcome shots while entering in. This place will surely leave you awe-struck when you get the drinks in a glass made of ice. Other than that you can capture cool pictures by sitting and standing on the ice with cool costumes.

Fish Market In Bergen

There is a popular fish market in bergen which is again very difficult to stop yourself while passing by. If you are a seafood lover then this place will be a ‘Yahoo’ for you because you find the best quality of seafood at the best prices. All the locals and the tourist buy food from this market only so you don’t have to bargain for prices also. You should not miss this place in bergen.

Shopping and NightLife In Norway

So last but not least which everyone is fond of – Nightlife and Shopping. No matter where you are, in which city or country or continent, you can resist yourself without doing shopping and experiencing the nightlife, right?. Your trip feels incomplete without doing shopping and nightlife activities no matter which part of the world you are in.

Although bergen is not as big as other parts of Europe. You find a wide variety of shopping brands and souvenir shops for purchasing decent stuff. For nightlife, lovers wave fun pub, Bryggen bar, storm bar, and 24-Hrs street which is open for travelers. So you don’t have to worry about these things as bergen has a lot to offer you.

A Short Infographic Guide to Norway

Bergen, Norway

So before closing this article – A short advice to my fellow travelers, bergen may look underrated for some people but it is genuinely one of the most beautiful places in the world. I am not saying for the sake of giving a punch line in this article but I feel this too. Less crowded places nowadays are hard to find and if you find one go grab the calmness and the beautiful features of that place.

Here’s to Norway –  If you have come to this line then I hope you are very well interested in exploring it so all the very best for your trip

See you down the road very soon

Happy Travelling.


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