Army Changes Weapons Rules Along LAC After India-China Face-off, Ladakh

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India-China Face-off In Ladakh

This time it seems that the India-China face-off will definitely be going to happen. Under previous rules of an agreement signed in 1996 and 2005, neither side of the army can open fire on the other side and no blasting explosives can be used within two kilometers of either side of LAC.

But now as per new guidelines by Prime Minister Narender Modi our army can change the weapons rules along the line of actual control (LAC) and can fire on the other side as self-defense.

This will definitely help in building the confidence of our Indian soldiers and the protection of our Indian land.

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Changes to this old decade rule came after the violent face-off between India-china troops on Eastern Ladakh’s Galwan Valley in which our 20 Indian brave soldiers were martyred and suffered their lives for protecting our country.

Moreover, 76 other Indian soldiers were also injured during a face-off but no critical injuries were seen and expected to get back on their duty soon.

According to some articles and NDTV report – 45 Chinese troops were killed but no confirmed news came from the Chinese side yet. Neither the army nor the government has commented on how many actual Chinese men died.

Just a day after the incident happened PM Narender Modi tweeted – We all are proud to have such soldiers in our country who pay their life for protecting us and will be remembered for a lifetime.

Many Congress leaders put a finger on PM Narender Modi including Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandi as Rahul Gandhi Sloganed him as “Surender Modi” has pointed to satellite images claiming “china had captured Indian territory near Pangong Lake”

“We never incite anybody and would not like to begin a fight however in the event that somebody needs to trespass our limit and attempt to incite us, at that point we won’t going to sit quite.

We have always proved our strength and capabilities for protecting our nation and keep on proving it.” The Prime Minister said.

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