Telegram vs WhatsApp – Who Wins The 2020 Race In Terms Of Privacy ?

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whatsapp vs telegram


Telegram vs WhatsappBoth the apps have already achieved the milestone in terms of user’s credibility and data privacy concerns. Both apps have been loved by millions of people around the world. Before 2013, Whatsapp was the monopoly king in the market but after the arrival of the telegram, many users shifted from WhatsApp to Telegram.

Whatsapp has over 1.4 billion users worldwide whereas Telegram has 500 Million active users acc. to the present database. Telegram has recently introduced a video call function that is loved by its users worldwide.

In this article, I will discuss and compare which app is best to use in terms of data privacy and some other features. This is not a
Favour Vs against debate type article but only a general comparison between them.


Telegram vs WhatsApp – General Comparison

Telegram vs Whatsapp

Visibility – Whatsapp is still working on its Dark mode feature and the date is not yet confirmed to release but on the other hand telegram has already this feature which is a + point to its users.


Instant View 2.0 – Telegram has instant view 2.0 function where users can read any article or blog with zero second page loading speed and the instant page view supports all media type files which is easy to read and open whereas Whatsapp doesn’t have this feature at all.


Self Destruction – Telegram has this AI build system in the app if a user incase doesn’t open telegram or delete the app then after 1 month/3/6/year depending on the user’s choice, data will automatically get deleted for safety purposes. On the other hand, Whatsapp doesn’t provide this feature.


Secret Chats – Telegram has one of the advanced features which is useable to almost everyone once in their lifetime. This feature is ‘secret chat’ which means chats in the secret message box can only be accessed through the device it was accepted. 

You cannot operate it on a PC or tablet. Secret chats are operated by New Encryption protocol keys and old encryption keys have already deleted from telegram’s MTProto Protocol database. 

Message sent in secret chat can be deleted anywhere anytime by users from both sides or it’s self-destructive also. On the other hand, WhatsApp doesn’t have this feature at all.

Media Share – On Whatsapp we can send or share a file up to16 MB whereas in telegram we can share the media up to 1.5 GB, I mean just look at the difference, isn’t that something you wanna go for?


No. of Participants – On Whatsapp, you can add members up to 256 whereas on telegram you can add up to 1,00,000 in numbers. Vala!

 If you are planning to arrange a big get together party or some political rally then for the invitations you will definitely gonna need a telegram, sorry WhatsApp lovers!


Privacy – This is what everyone is concerned about. Whatsapp data and media files are stored on iCloud and google drive which is not encrypted.

On the other hand, Telegram has its separate cloud-based message system which is heavily encrypted and all the data and media files are stored in different encrypted keys which is not accessible to anyone, not even physical intruders or engineers. 


Say Goodbye to Torrents

Telegram offers you to create your channel in the app where you can upload movies for the audience and they can have access to that media files. Like we used to download movies, web series from torrents, and third party websites where its very risky for PC/mobile to get affected with malware and spy attackers.

But Telegram is a fast, reliable, and powerful tool that is cloud protected and completely safe. We all are movie or web series lovers somehow and if you have telegram then you don’t have to rely on any other websites or waiting for your friend to come and share your favorite movie through Bluetooth or USB.

So this is it an I hope now you will be able to differentiate what and who is more worthy of you in the future. 

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