Top Facts Every One Who Wants To Travel With Their Dog Should Know

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Dog Travel – Tips & Tricks

Dog travel has always been a big question mark in itself. Travel with a dog is not the usual thing we see. There are plenty of reasons to avoid traveling with a dog but today I’ll give you some major tips on how you can enjoy your dog company on your travel.

Dog Travel is becoming a hobby nowadays as lots and lots of travelers love spending time with their dogs.

Well, it always seems impossible to take your pet along with you on your trip, right? But after adopting some new guidelines by the travel industry you don’t have to make separate plans for your pet and hire someone to take care of.

According to the 2017-2018 survey – 67% of the US households adopt pets at their home and nearly 4 million live animals travel onboard every year.

Ya, there are some rules and guidelines which you need to follow while traveling across the borders. There are certain rules for rail, air, and ships, whatever mode of travel you choose you just have to be extra attentive and triple check with every condition and guidelines

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Let’s discuss it below!

1. Must have dog-friendly apps on your phone

If you are traveling with your dog for the very first time then you need to have dog-friendly apps on your phone. These apps help you in finding the perfect hotels, restaurants, and dog trails nearby. Some of the apps are:

  1. Bring Fido – It helps you to locate nearby hotels and restaurants for your dog as you know all the hotels and restaurants are not dog-friendly so you need to be extra attentive whenever you start exploring something with your dog.
  2. All Trails –  It helps you in the collection of all the trail maps which have been specially made for dogs like you see there is the special trail for handicapped people, for bicycle riders likewise in some areas you will see trail map for dogs also. This app covers trail maps over 50,000 browse photos and videos of nearby.

2. Skip paying for pets in hotels

If you go out and start searching for accommodation then you’ll see that there are certain prices for a pet per night(starting from$10 – $50) depending on the property and Acc. to Indian railways, carrying dogs in first-class apartments will cost you Rs 10 per dog.

So start looking for properties which are pet-friendly and welcoming for pets without any extra cost, some properties in India are Vivanta by Taj in Kerala and Camp Della Resort in Lonavala.

3. Use a pet carrier

Always use a pet carrier with you while you traveling because if your dog is untrained then it’ll be difficult for you to look upon him every sec/min. Taking your pet in an appropriate carrier or kennel will lower the risk for the owner and for the people nearby.

4. Take pet-related documents with you

Don’t forget to take pet-related documents with you. Documents are necessary to prove that dog is properly vaccinated and completely healthy, if any official stops you and asks you anything then you can come up with all your homework done in advance.

5. Double-check with your airlines for pets

Some of the airlines in India and outside don’t allow pets to travel on board so make sure you double-check or triple check before booking your tickets and there are certain guidelines which you need to maintain while taking your pet with you

In India Indigo & Air Asia don’t allow passengers to carry pets with them and the other carriers which allow will accept only:

  • If the weight of the pet including container/kennel should not exceed 5Kgs.
  • Pets of larger size should be carried in ‘cargo hold’
  • Pets should be carried in a proper carrier or container according to your pet’s shape and size.

6. Always befriend other dogs

The owner of the pet should be friendly with other dogs and their owners as it shows a matter of respect and courtesy to others. If you will be harsh and rude with other dogs then your pet will also catch the same attitude from you and people will start avoiding you.

Go to the pet store – Make a habit to visit pet stores whenever you get time so that you can see and meet other pet owners and exchange ideas related to handling and maintaining pets.

Visit a dog park –  Dog parks are a great place to make your dog exercise and socialize. If you don’t find any park for dogs then ask any dog owners nearby you, major cities always have dog-friendly parks.

Instagram –  As you know it’s a world of hashtags so have little practice of finding dogs profiles and owners by using hashtags like ‘dogs of … ‘ like if you have a special breed or you want your pet to learn some new habit or technique then you can have an idea with the help of Instagram hashtags.

7. Pack the dog essentials

Don’t forget to pack the dog food, medications, water, collapsible bed, etc. Whenever you feel your dog needs something you should be ready with the essentials. I have noticed many times while traveling that if someone needs something for their pet then most people refuse to help as they find it unhygienic so make this a foremost responsibility.

8. Teach your dog some good manners

Before you take your pet out make sure to teach some good gestures or manners like how to sit and how to behave in front of others. Teaching your pet a thing or two will definitely increase the chances of expecting a ‘Yes’ in return when someone sees your dog is well behaved

Work on obedience and manners in front of someone and make sure your pup always puts their best paw forward.

So these are some of the most essential points you should keep in your mind before taking your pet for travel and traveling with dogs are more colorful and pleasant as dogs help you to meet more people, covers unexpected destinations, and live in cherish the present. There’s always a different feeling when experiencing a new destination with your dog.


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