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Do you ever consider I should travel after my promotion or after 5-6 months, that will be the best time to travel?

There is no best time to travel if we talk practically here. If you truly desire then every sec, min, hour, week, year is your best time to travel, you just prioritize it for later, right?

As time goes on and on we are missing something every day. We are forgetting that we are living in such a beautiful world and in the worries of tomorrow we are spoiling the fun of today.

We all go through worse in each and every stage of life which is not at all permanent but the fear and insecurity keep us stick to the base.

Today we travel not just for ourselves but to escape from reality and stress so stop waiting for the perfect time to travel.

The point to be noted here is that don’t be too hard on travel or vacations, don’t wait for the best time to travel as there is no surety of tomorrow.

We are too much concerned with tomorrow that everyone has the plan after their retirement but no one thinks that mini-retirements are necessary on a regular basis.

Why wait for uncertain tomorrow when you have the perfect today”

If in case you don’t have perfect today then think to reverse what if I don’t have perfect tomorrow because we always find an excuse to put off the trip/vacation but we don’t try to put off our worries

Why Best Time For Travel?

Tomorrow there will be pending bills at your doorstep

There will be unimportant meetings to attend

There will be more responsibilities to take care of than today

Maybe some more workload and stress than today

There will be some other excuse

There will be someone’s marriage or birthday party to attend

Bank balance may not be as much of your expectations

Today is the right time no matter at what position you are, what you are going through if waiting for the friend’s approval(which will not gonna come)

just try to step out for once and then see the change in you, maybe it’s easy to read than to do but this is where we make the first step, words have too much power.

Trust me its difficult to think differently and step out at first but once things started working out then there will be only you to take leisure and pleasure of it.

Word’s motivation doesn’t stay for too long until and unless you make a goal for it in your mind.

So make sure to give yourself a break after every short interval, make schedules of mini-retirements while working, whenever you feel to wander, just go with the heart, don’t give a second thought as we know unplanned journeys are the best ones, So

As the sun goes down – I see you around!

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