How to Take Stunning Photos of Yourself in Solo Travel

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As we know how our young generation loves to wander and always seeking for new adventures. Now there is a new trend which we call SOLO TRAVELEarlier everyone prefers to travel in groups rather than solo but now as we are living in a selfie generation, there are numerous methods and techniques for capturing photos and selfies.

Solo Travel means traveling with your inner self and there is no better friend than inner self nowadays. Being solo and capturing photos whenever you like is a bliss. You don’t have to take care of other’s opinion to wait for the next spot and ask for a perfect click.

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Here are some ideas for taking your stunning photos on your solo trip

#1. Ask people to take a photo of you

If you are a regular traveler then you must be asking strangers for photos without any hassle but if you not very open up or shy then you have to step out and genuinely ask people around you to take your photos. I do this all the time whenever I travel solo trust me they love to click photos if you ask them politely and with a nice gesture so this is the first thing you should be taking with you on a solo trip.

#2. Never go without a Selfie Stick

Always take a selfie stick with you, it makes you self dependent and covers a larger area for a frame and while capturing from a selfie stick the background will be vast and clear and most of the people wants background to be captured and if it includes your face before background then it’s like bread and butter at the same time.

#3. Don’t include people at all!

There should not be people in your background frame as it diverts the mind of the viewer, the focus should only be on the view which you want others to see. Sometimes when you trying to get a photo and suddenly someone comes in between so what we can do is to be patient and wait for the view to get clear and then hit the shot.

#4. Take Photos of your Hands/Feet

If you want to capture something unique and everlasting then you can try capturing photos of your feet/hands. By engaging the background which creates a vibe on the viewer so that your audience travels virtually. After seeing your pictures if you want to encourage your audience to travel then the photo should be properly taken with a view and the goal in mind.

#5. Be creative and use mirror for clicking photos

This new generation loves creativity. The more creative you are more people will gonna engage in as creativity is mind having some fun. You can get some of your best shots in puddles, convex mirrors, etc. Mirror selfies are worth clicking when you can see yourself posing and get the best shot in minimum takes.

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  • Ahaa nice work man

    Mukul Chopra June 13, 2020 1:50 pm Reply
  • Even GoPro is a nice device for capturing memories
    What’s your say?

    Mukul Chopra June 13, 2020 1:51 pm Reply
  • Great thanks for your helpful suggestions

    Shilpa Kohli June 13, 2020 2:36 pm Reply
  • Amazing it looks so creative n fun ..definitely I’ll try once..❤️ Thanks for sharing this blog so that we can’t depend on others ☺️

    MD June 13, 2020 7:01 pm Reply

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