Most Popular Movies on Netflix Right Now

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Popular Movies On Netflix

In this pandemic time when everyone is at home struggling with something to do or discovering different hobbies, Netflix turned up to be a good source of entertainment at all levels. There are many popular shows and movies on Netflix which may or may not be discovered yet

Netflix has a variety of shows and movies which are yet to be explored. In this lockdown period movies and web-series, lovers discovered the best on Netflix in different genres and that’s what we will be discussing below.

If you are still confused or searching for the best movies on Netflix then I may have some good suggestions for you, So here are the most popular movies on Netflix right now.

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1. E.T the Extra-Terrestrial

Extra Terrestrial

The story revolves around a boy named Elliot and one alien who is left on the earth and found by Elliot and his friends so they share a great bond with the alien and drop him to his wanted destination. It can be an exciting thing to watch if you have kids at home and if you love to watch movies with the family.
Ratings – 98% (Rotten Tomatoes) , 7.8/10 (IMDB)
Genre – Kids & Family
Runtime – 114 Minute

2. Back To The Future

Back to the future

Starring Michael J. Fox as teenager Marty McFly who accidentally travels back in time from 1985 to 1955 and met his future parents and become his mother’s romantic interest. This can be fun to watch as it takes you a little bit in comedy also.
Ratings – 96% (Rotten Tomatoes) , 8.5/10 (IMDB)
Genre – Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy
Runtime – 116 Minute

3. Zodiac


David Fincher directed this movie based on a non-fiction book written by Robert gray smith. He is a professional cartoonist possessively thinking about the zodiac killer and uses his full ability to get closure to the killer with zodiac signs.

Ratings – 89% (Rotten Tomatoes) , 7.7/10 (IMDB)

Genre – Drama

Runtime – 157 Minute

4.  6 Underground

6 Underground

6 Underground is a marvelous adventurous movie that takes you on a roller coaster ride by sitting in front of your screen. You will get crazy after watching the direction and the stunts. 6 people who are best in their field and work are chosen for some task which they have to complete at any cost and the way they complete it is all we have to see in the movie.

Ratings – 36% (Rotten Tomatoes) , 6.1/10 (IMDB)

Genre – Drama

Runtime – 157 Minute

5. El Camino

el camino

El Camino is a 2019 American thriller movie that is a sequel to the mind-blowing kickass TV Show Breaking Bad. This movie is a treat for breaking bad lovers and a tribute to the show, while watching the movie it will make you nostalgic.
Ratings – 91% (Rotten Tomatoes) , 7.3/10 (IMDB)
Genre – Drama
Runtime – 122 Minute

6. The Silence Of The Lambs

The silence of the lambs

A young FBI agent tries to solve a mystery case that ripped a skin apart of female victims and then the agent seeks help from one of the glorious minds and cannibal killer madman to solve the case. This movie makes you involved in the script.
Ratings – 96% (Rotten Tomatoes) , 8.6/10 (IMDB)
Genre – Horror, Mystery & Suspense
Runtime – 118 Minute



Roma is a 2018 Mexican-American film which shows you the struggle of the housewife with her children’s and makes you realize how important is to be together in difficult times and one should have the support of their loved ones, this movie is a source to get over from the ordinary life’s problems and breakthroughs.
Ratings – 95% (Rotten Tomatoes) , 7.7/10 (IMDB)
Genre –  Drama
Runtime – 148 Minute

8. Inglorious Bastards

Inglorious Bastards

A gem created by Quentin Tarantino in 2009. The story revolves around some of the undercover Jewish agents who try to let down the nazi government in Germany and put an end to the war by destroying their enemy leaders. This Can be Thrilling to watch in your meantime.
Ratings – 89% (Rotten Tomatoes) , 8.3/10 (IMDB)
Genre –  Drama
Runtime – 153 Minute

9. Gerald’s Game

Gerald's Game

One couple on their romantic vacation came across a strange incident which is a bit horror and hard to believe in itself but what this movie holds is that wife accidentally kills her husband when she is handcuffed to her bed with no resource to unlock herself and then she starts seeing strange visions and hearing awful voices of her husband.
Ratings – 91% (Rotten Tomatoes) , 6.6/10 (IMDB)
Genre –  Horror
Runtime – 103 Minute

10. Extraction


A secret agent has been hired to rescue a kidnapped child of an imprisoned drug lord of India and when their mission starts then drug mafia and kidnappers in Bangladesh tries to block their way and make their mission turn impossible for them. It’s thrilling to watch if you are a complete action movie lover.
Ratings – 68% (Rotten Tomatoes) , 6.7/10 (IMDB)
Genre –  Spy & Action
Runtime – 103 Minute


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