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A movie like Pursuit of Happiness made once in a decade. Whenever you watch one good movie then it leaves a lifelong impact on you and craves you to watch similar movies. The pursuit of Happiness is the type of movie I am talking about.

I mean just think deeply what if one movie reflects yourself and you feel like you are watching your own life story? Isn’t it mesmerizing to see a part of yourself on the screen?

If you watch movies from an open-minded way then you can learn a lot from it. There are many but impossible to write it down here. You don’t have to go to any courses for personality development or attend some webinars, just find one good movie through a search on the web and watch it with an open perspective.

Why I choose this movie as an example because the pursuit of Happyness leaves a lifelong impact on my life and I still remember each and every scene of this movie after 4 years. That is why Will Smith is one of my favorite actors in Hollywood among all.

Medical, Law, Education, Business, Engineering, etc are essentials for a sustainable life but romance, knowledge, love, poetry, etc is what we are living for. Agree?

The pursuit of Happyness will not tell you how to earn money or a 3 hr entertainment but it will showcase a father-son love and deeper understanding. It will show you after no money with a life full of struggles how one father goes par to makes his son happy and give all that he wants. This movie will make you realize that family love and hard work is the only key to Happyness.

So now I will disclose some of the most inspiring movies like POH (Only in my opinion) which you can find on Netflix as well,

So let’s get started:-


1) Good Will Hunting

Most Inspiring Movies Like Pursuit Of Happiness

This movie focuses on the unrecognized and underrated genius named Will Hunting. It has won 3 Oscars already and one of the most inspiring movies of all time. If you have missed this movie then you definitely should go and watch it. It shows how the main hero comes to the right path after one certain incident happens in his life and with a single opportunity how his life gets changed.
  • IMDB Rating – 8.3/10
  • Director – Gus Van Sant

2) The Theory Of Everything


Most Inspiring Movies Like Pursuit Of Happiness
This movie is based on the life of Stephan Hawking. He was one of the most inspirational scientists this world has ever produced. The movie puts emphasis on his career, life, and motor neuron disorder disease. The movie will inspire you in the best possible way and push you to do something achievable in your life.
  • IMDB Rating – 7.7/10
  • Director – James Marsh

3) Living On One Dollar


Most Inspiring Movies Like Pursuit Of Happiness
I dare you to watch this movie today onwards – Ya, because it will be going to change your way of living and make you feel good in the end. A sense of aliveness. There are some movies that leave you speechless and go crazy.
This movie will show you real-life happenings in the life of 4 students when they face hunger, illness, and deeply abandoned for straight 8 weeks and how they survive themselves. I mean you will go crazy when you witness their efforts and teamwork. Go watch it today on Netflix.
  • IMDB Rating – 7.3/10
  • Director – Chris Temple, Sean Kusanagi

4) The Shawshank Redemption


Most Inspiring Movies Like Pursuit Of Happiness
You may have heard of this movie many times and find yourself lazy to watch 90s Hollywood stuff, right? I too think 10 times before picking a movie to watch when it’s of the 90s but here I wanna assure is this movie is worth watching. How two men keep on to their friendship and have faith in each other. As it has been said true friendship is the greatest gift of life and this movie has proved it.
After watching Shawshank Redemption you get to know what a positive approach to life really means and how important is to be hopeful in life matters in each and every situation.
  • IMDB Rating – 9.3/10
  • Director – Frank Darabont

5) Lion


Most Inspiring Movies Like Pursuit Of Happiness
This movie has an emotional touch when a boy who gets lost in Calcutta and adopted by an Australian family. After 25 years he goes back to India to search for his family and home and finally found out his origin. So it highlights how he holds a respect for his family and goes out to search for his native place which makes Lion a reason to watch. One of the inspirational movie on Netflix to watch.
  • IMDB Rating – 8/10
  • Director – Garth David

6) The Blind Side


Most Inspiring Movies Like Pursuit Of Happiness
This movie is about a young boy who is traumatized and wants to be a football player. His life gets changed when a woman came into his life and gives him complete love and support to follow his dreams. The blind side is full of family love, humanity, and faith. This type of movie feels kind of real and worth watching.
  • IMDB Rating – 7.6/10
  • Director – John Lee Hancock

7) 127 Hours


Most Inspiring Movies Like Pursuit Of Happiness
This movie is based on one adventurer who got stuck under a boulder in the midst of his adventurous trip near Utah and Moab. The techniques he used to get out of the trap and survive himself is a treat to watch for eyes. It leaves you numb and inspires you for life. When you leave your seat then you have something exceptional in your mind which is don’t be hopeless in your life and always look for alternatives to find a solution for problems.
  • IMDB Rating – 7.6/10
  • Director – Danny Boyle

8) The Fault In Our Stars


Most Inspiring Movies Like Pursuit Of Happiness
This movie is one of the most inspirational love stories Hollywood has ever made. Two cancer patients met each other when called by the author in Amsterdam. You will get engaged in their love story as if it’s yours.
They both become full of life after meeting each other and teach us that life is too short to be in sorrows and stress. Just enjoy the moment you are in and live your life in the best possible way.
  • IMDB Rating – 7.7/10
  • Director – Josh Boone

9) Hachi – A Dog Tale


Most Inspiring Movies Like Pursuit Of Happiness
Hachi is one of those movies which is unbelievable yet true. Ya, I mean just look at the making of the film and the storyline, just wow. It’s based on the love and respect between an owner and a dog. After passing away of the owner, the dog waits for his owner throughout his life and never believed anything else other than his owner love and affection towards him
This movie showed us that animals too have feelings and never underestimate them just because they are animals.
  • IMDB Rating – 8.1/10
  • Director – Lasse Hallstrom

10) Rocky


Most Inspiring Movies Like Pursuit Of Happiness
This movie is based on the underrated boxer who was struggling in his life by doing tiny jobs to make out his living. After lots of struggle and patience, he finally gets the success and popularity he deserves. The foremost lesson of this movie is to be patient in your tough times and never try shortcuts to get success.
One common thing you will gonna find in all the inspirational and motivational movies, books, podcasts, and TV shows is patience and hard work. No one gets success in one night. There are many unsatisfied and rough nights every successful person went through. So this one is also a must-watch inspirational movie.
  • IMDB Rating – 8.1/10
  • Director – John G. Avildsen



So I have discussed some of the most inspirational movies of all time which leaves a lifelong impact on you if you watch it with full dedication and have a desire to achieve something in life. Words have too much power and can convince the reader to do something that he/she is afraid to do. I hope you will get something out of this article and may you get benefited in all the best possible ways.
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