How To Do Cable Squats And What are Its Benefits?

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How to do cable squats
Cable Squats

Squats – It’s the most common exercise you have been hearing for many years. Squats has many categories which are further divided into major subcategories. So here I will talk about the cable squats, its benefits, what are the main problems people face while doing cable squats, and most importantly how to do cable squats.

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Let’s begin with the first step:

How to do Cable Squats?

Starting by standing in front of the cable machine and pull the rod on your shoulders and bend yourself on the position like you are sitting on the chair. Maintaining the posture can be difficult at first but you should be careful about your lower back.
Because the lower back is all that takes the responsibility of the weight you carry on your shoulders. Your chest must be out, the lower back should be in, and at the same time, you have to slowly lower your body like sitting on a chair like position while facing upwards. 
Make sure don’t fumble your legs otherwise you may affect with severe injuries. Cable squats build up your mental and physical health both at the same time which can be very effective if you try at least twice in a week. But make sure to maintain a good posture so that your efficiency can be increased from time to time.

Benefits of doing Cable squats?

  • It builds up your muscle core to that very extent which other exercises don’t.
  • Your shoulder muscles can be tightened up while carrying the rod in a proper way.
  • The cable squats help you to work on your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.
  • Helps in straightening the lower back muscle.
  • Helps in Maintaining a better balance between thigh muscle and lower back muscle.

Are cable squats effective?

Cable Squats benefits

In my view A big Yes! Because I used to do it twice a week to strengthen my glutes and lower back. after 2-3 months I realized I can lift shoulders and biceps weight very easily which I have always struggled to lift up. If you have a stronger thigh then you’ll tend to carry heavier in your biceps workout
and if your lower back would be perfectly in shape then your chest workout will get better eventually. All the body parts are linked up if you try to understand this carefully.

Common mistakes in cable squats

  • Improper Form –  Most people in the gym do cable squats in an improper form which results in hurting their knees and lower back issues. Then we heard saying cable squats is a very difficult exercise, I mean come on, if you don’t do exercise with a good posture then how can you expect to get a good result.
  • Lifting up of feet on the way to a standing position –  I have seen most people while standing up they keep up their feet in the air for a while. If in case your body gets disbalance then you’ll not be going to have control over your posture which may cause a tragic injury on your lower back and thighs.
  • Unable to reach parallel – This is one of the main aspects you have to keep in your mind. While doing the exercise you should reach the parallel so that all your muscles can get stretched properly. In short, your hip joint should be below your knees while going down. If you are unable to reach below your knees then you may have weaker glutes or poor flexibility.


So in my view, cable squats are the perfect remedy to maintain better flexibility and efficiency if you want a lean and fit body. Squats will make you feel like you have rock-like legs and a giraffe neck like straight back. But always be careful with your postures and maintain a better balance, don’t try to head over the weights. Start with fewer weights in the initial period and then slowly move to bigger weights.

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