How to Study For Long Hours Without Getting Distracted

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How to Study For Long Hours
How to Study For Long Hours

Mate, I know what it feels like when you want to study/work and gain maximum output from it but boredom, stress, anxiety, multiple thoughts, anonymous imaginations which came from nowhere, and many more like this happens to us, right? 

It affects the productivity of the whole day. When you get back to your bed at night you feel like something is missing, you feel unsatisfied, you feel like today was not up to the par. Isn’t it?

Speaking frankly here, while writing this article I am also affected by this same issue and right now I am sitting outside my room, having my laptop in my lap and generating interest so that I can cry my heart out in this article and makes it worth for the one who is reading it. 
Somehow I became successful in convincing my heart and soul that my work is above laziness and distractions.

Where To Begin With?

This is the human tendency to get distracted in this modern world when we are surrounded by a number of materialistic things. 
It’s totally okay to get distracted or not able to sit for long hours because you are not habitual of it.
and if we can assume that you have built the habit but the question again arises is for how long you can stick to that habit?
I am not going to share tips or tricks or 7,8,9 blah blah…. reasons to overcome from this but instead, I’ll share my own experience from the last 3 months on what I did and how I’m still managing to do it.
So now let’s jump to the practical talk!

Give a 2-Min thought to yourself in Solitude

Okay! I got you that you are not able to study/work for long hours but one question I wanna ask you here or you can ask yourself that how much time you actually give to your study/work per day? This should be including your phone calls, WhatsApp texting, Instagram feeds checkup, sudden thoughts which have no head&feet, and rest you can count. (You can share in the comment section also)
If I assume or take this question on myself then I’ll say From 7A.M to 9P.M.
13-Hours a day, okay! I got my rough idea of gross working hours and now you have to calculate your net-working hours.
From 13 hours a day how much time is actually productive? If I talk about myself then I’ll say 7-8 hrs per day.
Earlier before developing this thing my average net-working hours were something like 3-4 hrs per day starting from 7A.M which ends at 10-11P.M. Things were the same but the difference was more distraction and lack of concentration.
So now I’ll share the essentials on how to increase your net-working hours, how to study for long hours without getting tired, without taking breaks, and without getting distracted.

Avoid that Spot where you feel lazy

This is the first and foremost thing to work on. We have chosen some sort of place in our home to study/work but the thing is after every month or two you should keep on looking for new directions or spot. This may be difficult to believe at first but trust me once you will try your productivity will be 2x faster than before. I am trying it!

Avoid taking Short Breaks

I know you have been hearing keep taking short breaks in between the work/study but the real truth lies in trying opposite than this. If you take a long break after 2-3 hrs then you feel a kind of satisfaction and proud that you achieved something without taking a break.
and here the good part is that in the middle of the break also you’ll keep on thinking and concentrating on your work/study which takes you back to the spot in less time.

Eat less while study/work

More eating – More laziness! Yes, you heard it right. If you want to study for longer and yield better productivity then do breakfast between 8-9A.M and then have lunch in between 1-2P.M. For those who don’t have this schedule may face problem at first but after a while, you’ll see the difference.

Whenever you eat – eat organic food

As wisely said by every Indian guru and following the traditional approach – the way you eat, the way you think, and what you think you become likewise. So for building the concentration your thinking process must be strong. If your thinking process is strong then you’ll able to concentrate on your work for a longer time without any distraction or getting tired.

Start waking up early – 5A.M Achievers

Believe me or not – The 5 Hours of early morning study is equal to 10 hours of whole day study. If you want to make your day productive or really want to believe that you achieved something good today then start off early. In short early to bed & early to rise!

Start making a To-do-List of your work

I can understand how many tasks we have to do every day no matter if you are a student or a working individual. You can hit it off by making a to-do-list before sleeping. It should not be a 2-3 day process, no matter what you go through, convince your mindset to the point where you feel an urgency to do this before sleeping.
and it will make you dedicated and aware of your work and responsibilities which is the most important thing we face difficulty in, right?

Place one Sticky Note of your Goal in front of you

This method will really help you in achieving what you really want and it’ll remind you every day whenever you feel distracted or losing control. I am trying this method for a long time and it helps me to remind every day whether I am doing what I should be doing or should I change something to make my work better and more efficient.

Engage yourself in some sort of games or activities

Your primary focus and goal should be important no doubt but side by side you should have some secondary focus also. The simple way of doing is to engage yourself in some everyday activities like yoga, meditation, any sports, gym, playing games, movies, and many more. 
It will keep your mental state active and encourage you to discover yourself in different types of activities.

Closure Statement:

So I think this would be the best way to keep yourself on track. Trust me after following the above things you will be able to study for long hours without getting distracted or without getting bored.
Ya I know things take time, it won’t happen immediately but once you start maintaining the consistency then you’ll be able to see productive results.
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