Top 10 Must Follow Blogs For Women To Earn Passive Income

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List Of Blogs For Women To Follow

Have you ever wondered looking at women’s blogs and thinking like creating one? I am sure you must have thought this and I am more than sure that after reading this you’ll definitely create a successful blog for yourself which will motivate no. of women like you.

Today there are more than 3.5 billion searches on Google every day and most of the searchers are looking for some quality information to read. With the rise in no. of searches, there is a rise in the competition in blogging also.

Today 1/5 person wants to share his/her story on the web through the website & wants to become a blogger. It’s so easy to make a website today or blogging, there’s no old-time like you must know coding and UI/UX to make and run a website. It’s just a 5 min process to make your blog up and running.

But But But, people take this thing as for granted and thinks that right after starting the blog, the money will just flow into their bank accounts.

But let me tell you what the harsh reality is 90% of the bloggers quit blogging in their first 6 months. I am not saying this but the stats itself, you can search it on the web also.

Now whether to consider yourself in that 90% category or not, it totally depends on you. You can read blogs, watch videos about what blogs to follow, how to become a full-time blogger, etc but until and unless you don’t apply it personally on your blog, it’s of no use. All the knowledge and motivation will go in vain.

So without any more entry speech, lets dive into the main core of the topic:-


Top 10 Blogs For Women To Follow Right Now

1) Sixty and Me



This blog is perfect for women over 50 years of age. When aging starts hitting then mainly women think that now it’s not necessary to stay trendy and stylish all the time, right? but here on Sixty and Me, your mindset will be changed about life and passion. About health, fashion, food, relationships everything you will get on this blog.

2) The Mom Edit



This blog has been set up to inspire each and every mom around the world. As a mom, she has to look up to kids, husband, home, and work also nowadays. So after following The Mom Edit, moms can understand better how to manage the responsibilities all at once. This blog will not inspire you to run away from the responsibilities but to manage them regarding, lifestyle, travel, work, home, and many more.

3) Hello Giggles



This blog just gives you a glimpse of real-life issues happening in the life of a woman. Whether it’s money-making, family issues, health warnings, lifestyle, woman empowerment, relationship kinds of stuff, and many more. This blog has a huge following on social media, so make sure to check this one out.

4) Workout Mommy



As the name is suggesting this blog is about making moms fit and healthy. I have gone through this blog and found out that the owner of this blog has been diagnosed with breast cancer and now she overcome from it successfully. So this blogger has a lot to offer to women who are looking to stay healthy and fit beside their everyday routine.

5) Cherish 365



This one is my fav blog not because of its name but kind of content it has been updated in it. This blog came up in 2008 by a famous journalist Jennifer Borget, moreover in 2018 Cherish 365 won the Best Mom Blog of the year award. This Blog puts emphasis on how to live in present and give your 100% right now on today itself, flushing your worries, raising children, and many more.

6) The Blonde Abroad



As the name suggests itself, it’s a travel blog that shares travel stories and influence people to travel. Kiki (owner of this blog) is a travel influencer who has over 200,000 followers on her blog and she is here to suggest you and guide you about Solo road trips, travel hacks, travel essentials, and all the travel related stuff.
If you are afraid to keep your feet out of the door, then Kiki will help you to be daring and you can get influenced by her in the best way possible. We always need someone to whom we can look up to for what they have and how we can get through them. It’s good to have that kind of people in life.




This blog primarily focuses on the health and lifestyle of women. They have a huge following on social media and widely loved by bloggers from all over the world. This website itself generates traffic of over 5 million+ visitors and 1 million+ unique visitors every month. Cupofjo was featured on Forbes under “Top 10 Lifestyle Website for Women and “Top 100 Website for Women”
You can find all the daily life content on this website starting from Lifestyle, motherhood, relationship advice, food, travel, and many more. It’s up to you where your heart sets up and which blog your soul takes it personally.

8) LivingBetter50



This is another wonderful blog to follow like Sixty and Me. This blog covered women over 50+ years of age and motivate them to live more and worry less. They talk from head to toe, from failure to success, and from the ground to sky about everything you are searching for.

Most importantly this blog will help you to focus on the things you are either afraid of or you didn’t even start doing yet.
Their favorite niches are maintaining health and fitness, money and business, food, relationships, and many more. So my recommendation to check this blog out.

9) The Lala



The Lala is run by two enthusiastic and fun-loving female bloggers who handle all the activity, queries, and requests related to any major issues of the society. This blog is mainly for adult girls who passed out of colleges and looking for something creating and inspiring in their life
You’ll find a variety of topics here from career counseling to technology, fashion, food, and travel. It’s mainly for the youth like us who starts figuring out early in their lives. So must go through this blog and explore properly.

10) The Corporette



This is one of the top fashion blogs out there. Mainly for women who are in professionalism or who engage themselves every day in some activity like modeling, office jobs, entrepreneurs, etc. You will get a lot of fashion advice and blogs related to how to wear heels at work, how to wear different kinds of dresses on different occasions, and many more.
Definitely a must-follow blog for professional ladies out there. There’s a lot to learn if you choose wisely and take the path which is right according to your choice and situation.

FAQs About Top Blogs For Women

Q-1 How these blogs can be beneficial for me?

These are the Top 10 list of most followed blogs for women on the web right now. If you are stuck somewhere in life and not finding someone who motivates you then these blogs will surely help you.
Secondly, If you are looking to start your own blog as a career or part-time then you can contact any one of your choices and have some suggestions regarding that.

Q-2 What are the best Indian feminist blogs to follow right now?

If you are a genuine feminist and follow someone to whom you can look up to then Gender Matters, She says, Feminism in India, the ladies finger are some of the blogs of your type you can look for. Follow something which you can relate your life to. If there’s a personal attachment of you with any blog or blogger then you don’t have to follow anyone else.

Q-3 How to connect with top women bloggers on the web?

This is one of the main concern nowadays. People drop emails or drop a message on social media then they don’t get a reply back. That’s true in most cases, but if you write in a proper way which is short yet enough to understand so that reader can’t find it lengthy.
You can connect through them by social media or through E-mail only. In my experience, 95% of the time you will get a reply back from them. Let me give you an example of how you can start a chat:
“Hey There, I noticed your website and found it awesome.
I am not much a reader type of person but your ‘…..’ blog makes me interested in reading more of your content. So would you like to discuss some of the issues and ideas with me regarding your niche?

Q-4  I also want to start a blog, How can I get there? Does Blogging need Investing?

Ya, you surely need to invest some money on your website but not that much. There are many cheap hosting and domains available on the internet which you can use in the beginning. Some of the best and reliable web hosting and domain providers are Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, Bigrock, etc.


So That’s a wrap and I hope you like this detailed article about the top Blogs for women on the web. If you have any more questions then please ask me in the comment section and consider sharing it on your social media for better reach
Don’t forget – Doing little support cost nothing but motivates a writer to write more efficiently and consistently – Sharing is Caring!
See you soon in the next article, till then stay tuned, stay safe!
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