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Blog writing is somewhat we call a do or die thing for beginners. You have to put your thoughts and ideas on a sheet while writing and for that, you have to be extra attentive and focused – it’s like when you start learning driving classes and the driver tells you all the important things and then it seems very easy for once but when you keep your feet on the accelerator then things seem little different.

Same as in writing for a blog whatever you read or how many videos you have watched on youtube when you start hitting with the pen and a paper then things will get tricky and new.

So in this blog, I am going to tell you some major points on how to write an effective blog for your website or blogger or any other social media platform 

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1.Select the most trending or your favorite topic

Before you start writing – your first task is to search for the trending topic or your favorite topic which you are confident to write about. If you are copying or rewriting someone’s else content then for once it will be okay but after 4 or 5 blogs you will not get excited about writing a blog and if it gets better views then you will not get that much of appreciation which you will get after writing it on your own words so if you want to search for trending topics then you can use:

2. Start researching about the topic

After selecting the topic you have to start research for the same, use google and target the first 3 search results about the topics and have some idea regarding the topic for writing in your own words. It’s not necessary that a blogger should have knowledge of each and every topic he/she would write about so it’s okay to search for the topic before write.

3. Make sure to have no errors while writing and editing your blog

What really happens is that when you published the post it is ranked and indexed by google and today google became the smartest so if you want to have a maximum audience and wants to hit your website/blog on the top of the google search bar then make sure your content should have no errors

4. Insert some pictures which are relevant to the topic

Pictures describe the most when attached with words, the readers will be attached to the topic and have a better understanding while reading and make sure to use the appropriate pictures which are relevant to the topic

5. Add 2 or 3 hyperlinks in your blog

While writing the blog make sure to add 2 or 3 hyperlinks on some major keywords so that when readers get the attention they can click on that specific word to see more content related to your website.

6. Make sure to complete the content in one go or one sitting

When you start writing the content, complete it in one sitting. Don’t wait dor hours or days to complete your blog because that results in a lack of focus on the content and you can probably miss some points which may be in your mind a day earlier.

7. Use trending hashtags in your blog

Don’t forget to use hashtags, today its a world of hashtags, through hashtags audience can reach to you easily and because of hashtags you can draw their attention on the major points in your blog, you can search here


So these are some of the major points you should follow before posting the blog if you have any queries or issues then you can write in the comments or reach me directly.

Good luck with your writing!




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