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This short article is a journey about travel to Himalayas. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a trek or a 4*4 Thar/Royal Enfield bike. Travel to Himalayas has always been a never-ending dream of every youngster. Leh-Ladakh, Spiti valley, Kanchenjunga Peak and many more.

For some, it is leisure purpose and for some, it will be a treasure – treasure as in finding your inner soul.

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If I talk about myself then its always has been a treasure. I have been onto 8 Himalayan treks till now and all I got in return is endless happiness and free independent soul.

The motive of writing this article is only to make you aware of all the twist and turn you can get through while on the Himalayan journey whether solo or with your friends.

Unpredictable Weather

The first and the foremost twist you will going to experience is the unpredictable and surprising weather. If you are an allocentric traveller(Rough traveller) then you will understand what I am trying to say but if you are a soft traveller then this will be the biggest twist you will going to see while on the Himalayan journey.

Undiscovered Terrains

The second twist will be the undiscovered paths on the way – You will come across many things which will shock you like how is this even possible – our mother nature will surprise you after every moment and you will definitely find yourself luckiest that you have really done something great that you got the chance to experience these things. The paths which are not on the maps are the ones which are less travelled and which are meant to be explored and travelled

Flora & Fauna

The third Twist you will be going to experience is the flora and fauna – just thinking about my journeys and putting into words is like you can relive the moments anytime you want to. the habitats and ecosystem are so refined as there are still some places left which are not fully destroyed by us so this thing will amaze you as well, so if you are a new traveller or have interest in wildlife things, this is surely your cup of tea.

Some Parameters To Follow:

While being in the mountains and hills you will get to know how nature works and responds. If you respect nature then it will surely show you a positive result. If you try to degrade the nature and its resources then you will get to see the negative turns from the mother nature which can be like:-

1. Unnecessary rain and wind

2. Shortage of aquatic animals and birds

3. Landslides

4. lack of natural resources like water, Ayurveda, trees etc.

So keep all the twist in mind first and it all depends on you whether you want to see the positive turn or negative turn. I am seeing the positive turn from last 5 years whenever I travel – it’s our own perception how we see things rather than blaming others.

So the motive is clear and simple – save resources, travel more, express your travel feelings so that others can be encouraged and motivated, make the full use of your education to educate others.

Thank you.

Hope you like it.

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