Smartest Travel Hacks Which Can Save Your Time And Money

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If you are on this page then I guess you desperately want to know a Lil bit deep about some coolest and smartest travel hacks, right?

Then I’ll start this article by letting you know that you are in the right place. The things which I am going to share with you are no less than finding the hidden treasure which you’ll be going to follow the rest of your life traveling.

and I am not going to make your interest here by writing some expensive and catchy phrases but instead, I’ll talk a real practical thing which I personally follow on my travels.

Hope you may take something useful with you today and thank me later after experimenting that hack on your trip.

Some of the Coolest Travel Hacks You Need To Know

Use offline google maps

If you are in the middle of the journey then make sure to try navigation in offline mode because it saves your data and battery. Most people don’t consider this as an important thing even I sometimes forget to switch off the data connection while using google map. So make a small note in your diary to follow this rule. Big results can be seen after taking the small steps!

Try and learn to cook at least one famous dish from each country

Whenever you go on a journey, all you do is to collect the souvenirs and do some activities on the beach, hotel or party, etc, right? It’s so difficult to convince yourself that you can try & learn to cook a famous dish of that country also! Ya, I know its somewhat boring and old-fashioned because you are here for a few days and whats’s the point of doing the same thing which you do every day in your normal life. But the fun part of the trip lies in what you take from that place which stays with you forever and the taste of that food reminds you of that destination.

Charge your electronic devices with TV USB

In my view, this is the most needed travel hack which we are not familiar with. Whenever you arrive in a hotel or hostel you see that everyone is looking for a charging point to charge the camera, batteries, mobile, laptop, etc. right and the single room has approx 2-3 charging points. So next time you go and check-in to the room, first look for the smart TV because smart TV has a USB port at the backside where you can plug-in your device and charge it. So Voila – no more fights for who will charge the phone first!

Put Batteries in the Fridge when not in use

Sounds Strange? Ya, it did to me at first too but when I tried it then I was amazed that it conserves a lot of battery power when not in use. For example, if you are out for lunch or shopping and you keep your gadgets in the room so the time you come back to your room, half of the better power gets vanished. So better if you try this thing and save some battery power.

P.S – Only Fridge not Freezer!

Put Some money and one debit/credit card behind your Phone cover

I have seen many travelers bags getting lost at the airport. In that case, you need to be prepared for the worst and should have an alternative till the time your property comes back to you safely. If your purse, bag, or wallet gets stolen in the middle of somewhere then you should have a spare card or money which helps you to take a taxi back to a hotel or airport.

Always Bring your own food on your flight – I repeat Always!

Never ever depend on flight’s food. They have limited options in offering meals to their passengers. Until and unless you pay to get some good varieties. Some people are allergic to packed food or stored food. No doubt they offer fresh meals but if you are a home-meal type person than I would suggest you take your own food in a 7kg bag.

Always pack a dry sheet for your Luggage

When your suitcase gets push and pulled in the journey then it gets smelly when you reopen it in the hotel room. That’s where a dryer sheet works. If you put a nice dryer sheet inside the luggage which is full of fragrance then you don’t have to face the smelly situation when ou reopens the luggage. So always try to put something fresh inside so that it doesn’t give you a bad vibe on your trip.

Unpack the necessary items first

Always unpack the necessary items first or what you really need. Don’t unpack all the things on the 1st day of your trip. It’s kind of handling the things which are unnecessary at the moment. Always try to cut short your time by doing the things which are to be done at the moment. Play hard and safe at the same time. Make Full use of every sec, min & hour on your trip. The more items or clothes you left with, the more chances you have to extend your trip. Anything can possible.

Pre-book the Window or Aisle seats

I mean no one wants to sit on the middle seat of the plane, would you sit? I know your answer so make preparation, always try to book your tickets in advance so that you can have your favorite seat, and if you are lucky enough then you can grab some good discount on the ticket also. Some most common and widely loved flight bookings apps you can have are:-

 Avoid Airport Restrooms

Always try to freshen up before the landing. Never depend on the airport restrooms because you’ll get to see a long queue and after a hectic flight you won’t be able to wait for that long. So make yourself comfortable in the flight’s washroom first and then you can use your particular hotel restroom.

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Make full use of the Foursquare Travel App

Foursquare – It is the best app for finding the wifi connection with passwords nearby you. In short, you can have an open WiFi connection with the password provided by the app itself. People also leave their genuine feedback regarding places, restaurants, transport facilities, etc. If you go somewhere for the first time then this app is highly recommended so that you can have rough idea about which place is most loved by the public and how to get there.

Always take your neck pillow and Eyemask

Travel pillow and Eyemask are the most essential things when you are traveling on the flight/Bus/Train. Make yourself comfy and enjoy the sleep whenever you want to. You don’t have to wait for the curtains to get off or ask your partner to shut off the window door. Just take out your essentials put your headphones on enjoy your nap.

Giveaway leftover currency to needy ones

You might be having some different currency that is still placed in your cupboard or wallet, right?  What’s the use of that thing if it’s not useful to anyone. You have a perfect time on your trip and on your last day you have some money left then try your best to distribute in the form of the tip where you feel happy or just give it to the needy ones outside food stalls or shopping malls. It may not be useful to you but it’ll make someone’s day. Good karma first!



So I think I have almost covered the most important travel hacks here. If you are reading this line then I would think that you are a genuine reader and a traveler. Note this point on your travel book or bookmark this page so that you can have one-click access to it anytime you want. I’ll leave my words here and will be back with the next interesting topic.

See you down the road very soon,

Happy Traveling!

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