Is Peru Safe To Visit? Let’s See What Most Experts Say

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Is Peru Safe To Visit?

Peru is North America’s most visited country with over four million visitors per year. The increasing no. of visitors arises the question Is Peru safe to visit in 2020? So here we will discuss in detail about Peru and how to overcome the risk factors.

If you are thinking to visit Peru then this article is surely for you. I’ll highlight the important points which have been stated by the travel experts who already visited Peru many times.

You might have heard about tourists getting robbed or things getting stolen from public places often. So before planning to visit Peru here are some of the points which you should follow to protect yourself and your group.

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6 Safety Tips For Peru

Don’t worry! You don’t have to freak out for this. Peru is such a delightful place to visit but sometimes small mishaps take a bigger shape which results in wrong words of mouth. You just have to be careful and extra attentive in public places.

I’ll discuss short and simple safety tips that you should follow to make your Peru trip remarkable and hassle-free.


1. Don’t try to use drugs in Peru

However, Peru is famous for producing cocaine and marijuana openly and the reason most of the young backpackers visit there is to try these things. If you get spotted doing drugs in public by any police official then there is a termination of your visa for 15 days or maybe more according to the quantity you have taken. Be smart enough to let go of these things.


2. Avoid going out at night alone

If you are a solo traveler then try to avoid going out at night alone because it may increase your chances to get robbed. But if you are with a group or family then you can take someone with you so that if anything happens then you should have someone with you to make the robber completely on foot. Some of the places in Peru where such activities take place are Tingo Maria national park, Northwest of lima. Having a partner with you keeps your surroundings extra attentive and helps you in a quick scan.


3. Use translator apps to communicate

Language translator apps are of great use if you aren’t familiar with the local language of a particular country. If you try to communicate in their local language then it reflects as a matter of respect to them and you will be treated gently. Some of the widely used translator apps are Duolingo, the Google translator. If possible try to learn Spanish before you go. Spanish is the most spoken language in Peru.


4. Avoid interacting with people in groups or muggers in pairs

There is one simple trick which you might be familiar with is when someone bumped into you accidentally and try to blame you so that you can be distracted from your belongings and get easily robbed by any of their accomplices. Sometimes they use a different technique to distract you but you have to make sure that all your belongings are safe and tightly placed in a bag or pocket. A tiny mistake or carelessness may lead you to lose your valuables.


5. Use Reputable Taxi/Bus Service

Peru has been on the top of the list in most no. of accident cases so if you book a cab or bus to go out on a perfect weather day in Peru choose the most reputable transport company. Some of the best taxi/Bus service authorities are Oltursa, Civa, and Movil Tours. Don’t try to go with cheaper services because going cheaper is not always a good option. Always compare the prices and ratings before booking a cab/bus service in Peru.


6. Never Disable GPS of your mobile

No matter where ever you are or what you do in Peru, always put on GPS of your mobile. In certain cases, if your mobile has been stolen or lost then you can reach that specific location easily by tracing your GPS ID. Sometimes while roaming around you may also get lost somewhere or followed a wrong route, in that case with the help of GPS it will be easy for you to get back on your initial point without asking anyone or getting irritated in the middle.

Some of the Common FAQ About Peru

Is Peru safe to live?

Ya, for locals it is very much safe and secure because they are living in Peru from ages but if you are a new shifter in Peru then you have to consult any local who is residing in Peru from a very long time and he/she may help you to get familiar with all the places and culture. Otherwise, Peru’s culture and religion are not that complicated. You may get a language barrier at first but after a while, you will get used to speaking their common language.


Is Peru safe to Travel Alone?

This has been a most asked question on the web. Nowadays you find every 2/4 traveler is a solo so if you are planning to travel solo then there are some points in mind which I have discussed above. One of the smartest moves to stand out from the tourist crowd is to walk like a local, talk like a local, eat and sit like a local, etc. Don’t let anyone know that you are lost or you need help from someone. In short, don’t give anyone a chance to try some tactics on you to rob you.


Is it safe to travel to Peru?

Ya totally! As I said above you just have to be extra attentive and extra smart to get rid of any minor or major occurrence of a mishap. Wherever you go or whatever the country is there is one thing you have to keep in mind – avoid showing your expensive belongings! If we talk about Peru don’t try to show or reflect our expensive belongings at night or in public places. Expensive belongings can be a watch, mobile, jewelry, DSLR camera, etc. If you are in a group then chances of getting robbed or theft is low as compare to solo travel.


CDC(Centers for disease control and prevention) Peru

If by any means your health may get affected in Peru then there are some prescription medicines and supplies which you can note down in case of emergencies. The list is published on the official website of CDC Peru, you can check the details over here


Is Peru open for travel now(2020)?

After the COVID-19 blunder and shutting down of all the travel destinations from more than 6 months now, the travel industry will be soon likely to get back on track. Most of the experts have different opinions because no one is sure when this pandemic would give a full stop. So after looking at the recent reports and stats we can say that by the end of this year you can visit Peru. Maybe it will give you a strange feeling initially but once you hit the road by doing all the precautionary measures you will soon checking off the destinations from your travel bucket list.

So I hope this article will gonna benefit you in some way or all. See you down the road very soon, till then Happy Traveling!

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