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Kedarnath – This is not just a name, it’s a feeling which all the spirituals carry in their heart while doing Kedarnath trek. One must fold his/her hands & bow down before uttering the name. Kedarnath Trek simply means ‘The Lord of the field’.

If you believe in god and fond of doing spiritual trek then believe me Kedarnath should be at the top of your bucket list. Once you will go then my words will mean much more to you. If you are reading me for the first time then maybe it’s just an article for you but who has already been there and experienced it, he/she can relate to this article very well, right?

But for ones who are still planning to go on the Kedarnath trek, it’s not that late too as there is always a perfect time to travel if you truly have a desire.

So now I will give you a short description of what really Kedarnath is, how we can reach there, and when is the perfect time to go!

So let’s dive-in!

What Really Kedarnath is?

Kedarnath is a small town in the Indian state of Uttrakhand which is named after a world-famous Kedarnath temple. Town got popularity because of this famous temple which was built by Adi Shankracharya in 8th Century A.D. This temple is around 1200 years old and a spiritual place to lakhs of visitors per year.

Kedarnath is one of the four major Char Dham pilgrimages of Northern Himalayas and it is the highest among 12 Jyotirlingas.

It’s located in the heart of Himalayas where you will hear everyone chanting and greeting each other ‘OM NAMAH SHIVAY’. Let’s say ‘OM NAMAH SHIVAY’ while reading this. Mandakini river originates from the Chorabari Glacier near Kedarnath and it is the tributary of Alaknanda River.

When Should You Visit Kedarnath?

See, Kedarnath is not an all-season place to visit, as you know it lies in the Himalayan region so the weather is uncertain there, with the blinking of the eyes weather changes very often. The best time to go for Kedarnath visit( darshan) is in the months of June-August.

In these 3 months of time weather remain mostly constant, temperature also lies between 0-5 Degrees. I went last year there in the month of July and now while writing this, I have a complete glory of the moment when I first witnessed the temple and it leaves me awe-struck. The vibes Kedarnath temple carries is just out of this world, Trust me.

Essentials To Carry While Leaving For Kedarnath?

  • Raincoat and walking stick.
  • Trekking Shoes so that if you have to walk in the rain then it won’t slip. Locals trek in slippers/normal shoes as they are habitual.
  • Light Backpack of essential stuff like a pair of socks, battery, camera, digestible food, medicines, etc.
  • Down jacket, Warm cap, gloves, and all necessary winter stuff.

How You Can Reach Kedarnath?

By Air:-

If you are traveling by air then the nearest airport for you will be Dehradun or New Delhi. From there you can directly head to Rishikesh or Haridwar. The majority of the visitors start their journey from Rishikesh as you can cover Badrinath temple also.

From Dehradun – You have to reach at Sahastradhara helipad at Dehradun from where the chopper will drop you at Kedarnath temple helipad location within 30-40 mins of time.

From Haridwar / Rishikesh – In case you have decided to travel from Rishikesh/Haridwar then you have to reach Phata via taxi and it has a distance of 200kms will cover-up in 7-8 Hrs.

By Bus/Taxi:-

If you are on any public vehicle or on your own then from Haridwar/Rishikesh you have to reach Sonprayag first and then from Sonprayag, hire a sharing taxi that will take Rs. 20 per person and drop you off to Gaurikund and then from Gaurikund, your Kedarnath journey will begin.

Kedarnath Trek is 16Kms from Gaurikund – Jungle Chatti – Bheembali – Linchauli – Kedarnath Base Camp – Temple Darshan.

According to government new guidelines, the best time to start the trek from Gaurikund is between 4 AM – 1:30 PM. After 1:30 PM officials won’t allow you to start off because sometimes weather conditions can be unfaithful and no rescue team can take responsibility on their shoulders.

Here’s the New Trekking Route of Kedarnath Trek

Kedarnath route map

Reach Gaurikund via taxi from Sonprayag (approx. 4 km)
Gaurikund – Jungle Chatti (4 km)
Jungle Chatti – Bheembali (2 km)
Bheembali – Linchauli (7 km)
Linchauli – Kedarnath base camp (4 km)
Kedarnath base camp – Kedarnath temple (1 km)

Note To Self:-

Kedarnath journey can be extremely tough if you are not physically prepared so in case you completely made up your mind then you should go through a small medical checkup before leaving from home.

Never ever underestimate the Himalayas, you have to be extremely careful and patient while on the journey. You have to be open-minded & see the weather and surroundings before taking any decision.

So I hope you will also be as lucky as the ones who got the chance to visit Kedarnath temple and I wish you more power and motivation which converts your thoughts into actions.

See you down the road very soon

Happy Traveling.

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