What I Wish I Knew A Year Ago About Best Travel Apps For Backpackers

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best travel apps for travelers

Ya, you got it right!

I am amazed and thrilled to know that there are some really helpful travel apps out there which we aren’t aware of.

Maybe you have heard it somewhere before but the apps which I am going to tell you about will be your jackpot while doing travel, you don’t believe me? I didn’t believe it at first too

But after exploring each app one by one on my android mobile, I came to know it can be a plus point if you get aware of these travel apps.

How will you feel when you save some bucks before booking your flight, getting suggestions and tips on the road, connected with locals instantly without irritated? Amazing – Right?

So without wasting further time let’s dive in to know which travel apps, I am talking about, take a copy & a pen to write it down or bookmark this page If you are on desktop, I am damn sure you will definitely gonna need this sooner or later.

Why You Need A Travel App?

The answer is as simple as the question itself. You might have heard in your group or on social media that I got the best deal in the hotel booking, I got the cheapest flight, I attended this show in that country, I got the best food and the restaurant there, etc. So you can also say this to your people if you’re little aware of some travel apps.

For saving the efforts in time and money, travel apps give you a lot of insight which you can’t even think of, Trust me!

One must have a piece of knowledge and has to do some research for this but you don’t have to be worried now, I have done my part of doing the research for you. You only have to read, think, implement, and then compare the difference.

Best Travel Apps for Android/iOS Users



If you are starving and have a rough traveling, grab can help you in finding the best meals and restaurants nearby you. You can get your meal delivered also if you are tired or don’t want to step out.

Grab has a large number of restaurants and franchises listed in it so no matter where you are you will get lots of options to choose from.



Gasbuddy app is for those who love road trips. Over a million current users, this app will track you and guide you further for the next gas station, and more than that it will show you the prices of different gas stations so that you can compare the prices and go for the lower one.

It will alert you when your tank is about to get empty and update you to fill it up before the price gets hiked after reaching certain miles.




So are you excited to know which events are going to be organized near your place? then Headout will tell you the top destinations, shows, tours experiences around you so that you can have an idea where to head off first.

Any activities starting from a helicopter ride, doing sports, and yoga activities nearby or fun rides for kids, etc.  you can get information of all the things in one app at affordable prices. All you have to do a booking in advance.




If I am not wrong the first thing you always look after reaching is for free WiFi connection whether in hotel or any public place, right? Tunnelbear provides you a free data of 500MB at first if you need the internet in an emergency. Tunnelbear allows you to do that by providing you a separate VPN that protects your browsing data from third-party apps and from hackers.

If you like the speed and the working of this app then you can go premium also for $3.33/Month.



Hostelworld is the best escape if you are a solo traveler and looking for some trustworthy place to stay. It provides you a friendly environment because there are lots of backpackers from different countries who came and stay just to make friendly connections and explore differently.

This app has a feature of translating up to 37 languages so you don’t have to face any difficulty regarding the language barrier.




This app has a very vast reach, contracted with no. of restaurants and hotels in the city. If you are foody and always look for different varieties of food then you should consider this in the first place.

Many travelers find difficulty in locating a good restaurant where locals eat and have affordable prices, so Eatwith provides you the list of all the famous local restaurants nearby you, and you can have your meal with the locals and have a sense of inward feeling while eating food.


FlushToilet Finder


Sometimes running after a public restroom is quite an urgency so this app will help you in finding the best public bathroom nearby. Isn’t it interesting? We as a traveler sometimes feel unhygienic to use the washroom or we became really specific in terms of choosing where to go and where not.

This app has 190,000 bathrooms in its database and can be operated without having any internet connection.


Nike Training Club


It’s nearly impossible on our trip to take out some time for exercise or gyming, right? So this app will tell you some short and indoor exercises which you can do while sitting in your bedroom anytime. It’s not necessary that you should have some gym equipment, you just need intentions to do the exercise for being fit.

It gives you access over 160 free workouts and personalized audios and videos from professional trainers which are Nike certified and some celebrities like Christiano Ronaldo, Kevin hart, etc.




Let me tell you the beauty of this app, my favorite among all. You can make calls from anywhere to anyone in your friends, family, etc. without any internet connection, ya you heard it right!

This app connects with the local phone lines and allows you to call in over 50 registered countries, so what you waiting for, go and try it!




Have you ever stuck in the middle of the night when you won’t able to find any rooms? it happens with everyone so this app will search a hotel room for a few hours at a tremendous discounted rate of up to 75%. It is less than what normal hotels will charge you for a single night.

If you plan to travel anywhere for a day or two then this app will genuinely save your bucks and you really get a quality standard of living.


So the above listing is the overall conclusion of this topic and I hope you may find it helpful whenever you go out for travel.

Must find out these apps and according to you whichever you find it worthy, just get a complete benefit out from it.

So See you down the road very soon

Happy Travelling.


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