Heading To Shimla? 7 Reasons You Need TO Visit Shimla Mall Road!

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7 Reasons You Need To Visit Shimla Mall Road!

Mall Road Shimla is not just about a sequence of small shops with local souvenirs, garments, and artifacts. It’s a treasure chest of one-of-a-kind amusements, be its mouth-watering food, historical heritage sites, gorgeous cafes, and much more. Many tourists tend to view and enjoy the beautiful charm of this place and skip visiting it, mostly under the impression that it is but a lane of shops that sell overpriced items, given that it witnesses a massive influx of tourists.

Well, let us unlock the mesmerizing Marvel’s if the mall road for you. Here are 7 reasons you need to visit Mall Road one of the best places to visit in Shimla!

1. You’ll have the best time at Cafe Shimla Times:
We bet Cafe Shimla Times will send you memories and vibes that you’ll cherish for life. It has an exquisite setting that offers its guests a mix of a suburban and retro feel. With an intriguingly painted vintage car on its campus and a humble entrance, this cafe will woo you with its ambiance.

To your surprise, this Mall Road attraction also hosts musical evenings where the local musicians and singers perform in the most unique fashion one can imagine. Just like all other things, its food options are also unique.

So you may enjoy relinquishing Italian delicacies, bruschettas, frappe, and a lot more. It’s a perfect spot for soothing your soul and satisfying your appetite and is indeed one of the best cafes on mall road Shimla.

2. Exciting shopping opportunities at Himachal emporium:
A trip to Shimla is incomplete without purchasing handmade shawls and mufflers. Hands down. Himachal Emporium is a perfect destination to pick this token of memory. In addition to scarves and Kinnauri shawls, you may also find local-style footwear, accessories, handcrafted bags, showpieces, and much more.

Each item impeccably reflects the art and tradition of this beautiful hilly place, and you must surely take one home.

3. You can walk in the heaven of book lovers – Minerva book house:
Minerva Book House is certainly a sweet spot for book lovers. You’ll find piles of books of varied interests. It’s like a maze that you’ll never want to get out of. You can simply walk in, pick a book that calls your heart out, and spend time, skimming through the words, immersing in the much-loved scent of pages, or wander between the lines. It is a notable reason to visit Mall Road, Shimla.

4. You get a glimpse of history at the Christ Church:
Shimla is known to mirror the century-old colonial influence even today and in the most beautiful of ways. The Christ Church at the Ridge Shimla is reflective of this. With the simplistic gothic architecture with a scenic backdrop, it wouldn’t be exaggerating to call this place a soft kiss of serenity.

Although you’ll find many people around, it gives a pleasant vibe. Also, it has been a favourite destination for filming movies. Do you remember watching a movie with the Ridge Shimla Christ Church?

5. There are endless shopping options at Mall Road Shimla:
The Mall Road Shimla is like an endless string of small and big shops, with a plethora of local, handcrafted, branded, and even high-end products. No matter what age you are, or where you hail from, you’ll find something that blooms your heart with joy here. Tourists, not only from India but also from different countries can be seen exploring diverse shopping opportunities in this place.

6. Explore the not-so-scandalous Scandal Point!
As the name suggests, there’s nothing scandalous about this spot in Mall Road Shimla. It links the Mall Road and The Ridge. A perfect junction to walk by, adorned by breathtakingly beautiful scenery, and of course, the healing weather.

7. You’ll love to see the Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex:
Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex is a Victorian-era theatre established in 1887 by the Englishman Henry Irwin. Previously, it was a five-stored building with other amenities such as a ballroom and bar in addition to a theatre. However, a part of it came to be demolished due to the weakened structure over time. Today, it is a complete creative entertainment package with an art gallery, amphitheater, a conference space, an exhibition hall, and a museum.

Winding Down
Mall Road Shimla is a perfect destination for unwinding yourself on your Shimla trip. It is an enthralling blend of amusement, history, fun, scenery, and taste. You must also try visiting Mall Road Shimla at night to witness the startling view of brightly lit streets and shops, each one with a different tale. One cannot ask for more!

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